Animal Kingdom FPP help

We’re going to Animal Kingdom on April 11th and want to know whether to FPP na’vi river journey.

We plan on arriving early and rope dropping FOP, but after we’ve done that will there be a long line for Na’vi? Ideally we would ride both first thing without any FPP – but don’t want to get caught in a long line. Thoughts would be appreciated!

Depends on how early you arrive for rope drop, and the crowd that day.
Have you been checking wait times on the Disney app, or thrown this into a tp to get a feel of the waits? I’d try to get there at least an hour before rd to do both with minimal wait times and no fp.

I’d also be confident that I could get a same day for NRJ. If the standby wait was over 30 minutes, I’d rather bug out, do other stuff, and hunt for a 4th NRJ FP. I like NRJ, but I wouldn’t wait over 15 minutes for it. For a first time, maybe 30 minutes if you’re already in Pandora, and don’t want to trek back into it.

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The crowd levels are forecast for 7 - but my tp won’t factor in rope drope, so has riding FoP first thing at 100 mins.
So do you think if we arrive at the park for 7.50am for a 9am open, we’ll be okay to get both done without long lines?

Change the FOP to NRJ in your tp to 9:15 ish am, and see what happens.
I’d try to arrive 90 minutes prior to rope drop.

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Thanks! Just thinking of always late family members… would we still be near the front if we get there an hour 15 early?