Animal Kingdom - Favorites, things to skip

@Principal- what is it about the queue @Kali that you don’t like? We usually have a fast pass for it. Yet I like the atmosphere on the queue so much, I wouldn’t mind spending a little more time there. Tho I am definitely a fanatic re lines longer that 10-12 minutes haha.

I do always make sure to switch to my flipflops in my backpack tho. That ride always has a lot of water on the bottom of the ride vehicle. Not fun walking around the park in sloshy shoes, yow.

The first time I entered the queue it was posted 20 minutes and it was over 2 hours before we got on. I think that impacted how I felt about the attraction (same thing happened that trip- my first with TT). It took 8 years for me to ty it again and I had a family behind me where the mother watch her child kick and punch me over and over. No, there was no reason- other than the fact she seems to be playing a game of “how many times can I hit a random stranger”. Mom never told her to stop- I will never enter that queue again. FYI- I have worked for 30 years and I am pretty confident in my ability to recognize a behavior as a result of a disability. I have significant experience in both an autism program and a therapeutic learning center (social and emotional)- this was not the case.

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Wow @Prinicipal, those are such unusual happenings, with the same ride. You are a Disney maven IMO, so that makes it even more unusual I think. I might feel the same way about a ride if that happened to me.

We had a mixup one year re Kali, where it disappeared our FPPs, but I managed to find a CM & he gave us paper FPs, he trusted my story. That ride does seem a bit chaotic, the way the queues are set up. One part of my fam got into standby line by mistake once, they got confused somehow, though they had FPs.

I kind of feel same way re the Bug attraction. Tho for a different reason, just not a fan of bugs crawling all over me haha. I just don’t get that particular joke, oh well.

I always fast pass bugs life as a 4th or more FP because that queue feels so confining to me! Although last time I felt so bad because there were toddlers that were screaming in terror!

Oh dear, the little toddlers @Principal. Well, during my one and only visit to the Bug attraction, I would have been one of the screamers in terror you would have heard! Bugs, yew. I know, they’re not real, but no thanks anyway haha!


I’m the same! I have done it twice now and that’s more than enough!

I would definitely say the Navi River ride is a must for families. With young children Navi river is better than the flight of passage in my opinion. However, Flight of passage is a blast for adults.