Animal kingdom fast pass

Did they make navi river and flight of passage tier A fast pass rides? I tried doing a fast pass foe navii river ride after already setting flight of passage and navii was not an option. Any suggestions on making sure we do both with minimal wait time?

Yes both are tier one. We decided to rope drop NR because it likely has a higher ride capacity and faster moving queue. Using fpp for FOP.

That’s what I went with as well. Plus I am thinking the banshee connection will be associated with FOP.

so I have only used two fast passes 1 for FOP and the other kilimanjaro Safari. Which should I target for my 3rd ride since NR is tier 1 which is what I originally set? I am bouncing between kali river rapids, dinosaurs, possibly lion king. I’ve already got the dinner package with Tiffins to get reserved seats for the ROL.

If going during warm weather, I’d opt for Kali - Dinosaur is usually only a longer wait time than Kali during colder weather months when people don’t want to get wet. Expedition Everest would be the other strong one to consider unless you’re skipping the coaster entirely.