Animal Kingdom Evening Hours

Animal Kingdom hours have been extended to 9:30 for the day we plan to visit. Planning to see the 1st ROL show at 8:45, but it looks like a 2nd 10pm has been added. What time would they shut down the Pandora area completely? Wondering if we would have enough time to just walk through on our way out after ROL to see it lit up at night? If the 2nd show is at 10, how can the park be closed at 9:30? Or is there a chance they will extend the hours further?

If you’re still going to the 8:45 ROL, you’ll have plenty of time to wander through Pandora. We ambled in after official park close one night on our trip last fall and only got gently encouraged toward the park exit by CMs after we’d exited Pandora via the walkway by Lion King.

The park closing at 9:30 means they don’t let people on the rides after 9:30. You can still wander around. FWIW we have found that the second ROL show is significantly less crowded.