Animal kingdom EMH

Can’t decide which is better at AK… Using EMH or going another day with pre R.D. Breakfast at Tusker House? EMH now on Sat/Mon… Is one better than the other? Says crowd level same, but would think Sunday more crowded? Would love be some experienced visitor advice for planning…

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I think you would be OK with any of the above. You can FPP 3 of the 4 “big” rides (KS, EE, Dino, and KRR), and which ever you don’t have a FPP for, hit first thing (assuming you want to do all 4; I typically skip KRR). I’ve never NOT been able to get into any of the shows, and most of the other attractions are either walk-through or typically do not have long lines. TH is a lot of fun (not a big breakfast person, but lunch is great) so you should definitely keep that. AK is the “lowest stress” park for planning; I typically have FPPs, maybe an ADR, and then “wing it” for the rest of the day…

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I would do 8 am emh and ride EE many times book TH for 10.30. Then fpp safari for 12ish See LK show at 1 and take it from there. my other fpp would be Dino and Primeval Hurl. I leave Kali till close to park close


We are going to AK on an EMH too and also plan on eating at Tusker House!! This is our first time trip to WDW. I asked a similar question and made this plan with the suggestions:

Looks good We love Dino so would add that. I would allow 90 mins for TH so you don’t miss any characters (I always budget 90 mins for TS) You will need another break in the afternoon also. Bug can be really scary for some kids -more so than Dino. Doing shows back to back doesn’t work for my kids so I try to split them up a bit but it is hard to fit all 3 in.

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I’ve never been able to get all 3 shows in without making it a full day. I’ve never been able to do EVERYTHING in AK in a single day…

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Same here Still haven’t seen the Fights of Wonder but dropping Nemo next trip to fit it in instead. AK is a full day park for us also.

Last time we did all three shows, EEx2, KS, Dino, both trails, and finished with KRR, and finished up in time to go to MK for 4:00 entry to MVMCP. Even had time for a lunch break. :smile:

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what is KRR?

Kali River Rapids