Animal Kingdom EMH - rides?

Can anyone please share which specific rides are open from 8-9am on AK EMH days? Thanks!

Here you go!

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Thanks for the link! We are going to do Pandora on a different day, so I am wondering if it is realistic to do both the Safari and EE during that 8-9am window? We will then probably do a few of the trails in the morning and then hop to a different park for FPs that day…

I would think you could do EE first and be on the Safari well before 9am. (We were delayed 30 min when a giraffe camped out in the road, so I’d definitely do that one second).

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Thanks! Didn’t consider animals getting stuck on the road as that hasn’t happened to us before, but good advice!

We were within sight of the action, so it wasn’t a bad place to get stuck. They brought in some hay to try to lure her off the road, and instead it just brought all the other giraffes over. :upside_down_face:

And they gave us an extra FP for the inconvenience. :+1:

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