Animal Kingdom Early Open?

I’m scheduling my Park Reservations for June. I’ve noticed on the Friday of my trip, AK is open 9-7pm with EE at 8:30am. However, on Sunday AK hours are 8-8p with EE at 7:30am. Longer park hours sound good on one hand, but does that indicate they expect it to be really crowded that day? Which day is a better pick?

I wouldn’t worry too much about crowds based on variation in hours from day to day. I would just go on the day that has the hours that suit your touring style better. If you want the extra early morning, or want to make sure you have maximum hours with low crowds, go on the day it opens 7:30am. If you prefer to not wake up that early, go the 9am day. (Just note that rope drop crowds are typically larger for later openings since more people are willing to get there.)


By the way, here is the Thrill Data chart for how average waits vary by day of the week over the past month or so:

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This is amazing. Thank you. I knew this was the right forum to ask.

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