Animal Kingdom crowd a 9. What's that like?

A day I am planning on being in Animal Kingdom is marked as being a 9 on the crowd calendar. It is the Saturday before Memorial Day and I was kind of surprised by this. So, two questions.
Is it really going to be that busy that day?
What does a 9 at Animal Kingdom look like? I mean, a 9 in Magic Kingdom is probably packed, but is a 9 in DAK crowded, or just busy compared to average DAK day?

Lines/Waits will be long, hence the 9. Also, the pathways will seem VERY crowded as well. And note that with the construction going on and the walls about, it will seem more crowded at the usual bottlenecks.

And although I have no scientific proof, AK often seems to be 10-20 degrees hotter than around the other parks, even with all the shade opportunities.

If the 24 hour day DOES happen, it could very well be a 9 at AK or more due to the holiday weekend traffic AND the post 24-hour day traffic (since all the people that did MK on Friday will be split and heading to all the other parks on Saturday)

I’d keep an eye on things though as the 24-hour day announcement (if it ever happens) will shift predictions around.


I’ve been to AK on a CL 10 day in June. As said above, its not just the lines. The pathways get so congested its almost impossible to move. You will need a FPP for KS and other big rides. AK seemed to clear out a little by mid afternoon. Dont be scared away though! We still had a blast. AK has a lot of trails and shows that you can enjoy no matter how crowded it is

I am going to keep an eye on this. I am not really influenced by the 24 hour day. I have a DS6 & DS8 that wont be able to last very long, so I would rather avoid that day at MK probably if it happens. So, I may be switching Friday at MK for Saturday at DAK if it does. But I have a couple of reservations that may complicate things. BOG lunch and a family magic tour on Friday.