Animal Kingdom Construction

I have heard that there is a lot of construction going on at Animal Kingdom. We have about a month left before we go. I’m wondering if the construction is in the way of the enjoyment of the park. Are there things that are not accessible? Does it still feel like a nature escape with all that work going on?

we were there last week and you can definitely still maneuver the park and do all the attractions. There are parts that it seems the whole place is torn up, but there are other places where you don’t even know anything is going on (oasis trails, jungle trek, etc).

I was there on Nov 21 and 22. There re a LOT of walls, but it didn’t effect my enjoyment of the park. Mostly it affects views of the river in the middle. NO effect on access to any of the attractions. And actually, some of the stuff they have posted on them is kind of interesting to read. I’ll be happy when they are down, but it’s not horrible (unlike DTD, which IS horrible).

Just got back from Animal Kingdom this morning. It seemed like everywhere I looked there was a construction wall. It didn’t stop me from doing anything I wanted to do and didn’t have much effect on the flow of foot traffic. The biggest disappointment were some of the long distance views of Everest were blocked, so if you’re planning a lot of photography, then you will have to focus on other things. Otherwise, I wouldn’t stay away from the park in its current state.

Thanks for your input. I am glad that we got some amazing pictures when we were there a couple of years ago. I am also glad that the construction won’t interfere with any of the attractions. We love Animal Kingdom!