Animal Kingdom attractions

We have decided to spend a 2nd day in AK this trip (first day will be RD EMH until we are starving and then heading to DS for lunch). So we will knock out the majors (EE, Dinosaur, Kilamanjaro, FoTLK, Primeval Whirl, Triceratop Spin, and Boneyard) the first day. I have FPP for sunset Kilamanjaro and TH dining package for ROL the second day, which will be a late start day (11-12 arrival after a midnight MK close). What else is fun to do at AK? Any off the beaten path things to do? What are your favorites? We’ve eaten at most of the TS and QS there before but any must-have snacks?

I love the Nemo show. Flights of Wonder? Make sure to do the trails, they are really good. I don’t see Kali River Rapids on your first day either.

Don’t miss Flights of Wonder! It’s one of my entire family’s favorite shows. The Maharajah Jungle Trek trail is also a must-do (we don’t care for the gorilla trail as much, just because we prefer bats, tigers and birds to gorillas, but to each his own!)

Granted, we have an awesome zoo near us that doesn’t make the animal exhibits as much of a draw, but those two things stand out as AK goodies.

Enjoy your trip!

Re-ride EE at night! We rode 10 times in a row in Sept after 9pm.

I love AK, but as my trips are typically short, I rarely have the luxury of a second day there. Definitely take time to do the trails; the Maharajah is absolutely beautiful - and it has tigers. Nemo and Flights of wonder are both very worthwhile seeing. I also don’t see it’s tough to be a bug; not only is it a fun show, but the queue (which is usually pretty empty) takes you up close to the Tree of Life so you can appreciate all the detailed carvings in the trunk.

Although I skip it more often than not because of time, the train ride out to the Conservation Station is pleasant, and you might get a chance to see the vets taking care of some animals. There are a few nice exhibits, and if you are interested in the “care and feeding” of the exotic animal collection, the CMs are very knowledgeable and are willing to answer questions. There’s also a petting zoo for the kids. I would plan about an hour for the whole thing (train ride out, viewing the exhibits, and train ride back)

Allow some time in Harambe (and on the path from there to Asia) to take in the details, enjoy some of the food perhaps and enjoy the music and crafts going on. Try and catch some of the performers throughout the park.

I spent a while on the trails around the Tree of Life and Discovery Island last time too. You can get very close to the carvings and it’s well worth it.

I assume your trip is before Pandora opens, otherwise you would have mentioned it…:thinking:

I’m, ahem, scared of Kali River. The one time I agreed to ride, I was the lucky one who ended up soaked.

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No judgement, I’m 42 and scared of It’s Tough to be a Bug, which is why I didn’t notice it was missing!

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