Animal Kingdom and customizable touring plan

Hey Everyone,

We just found out that my wife and I are getting flown to Orlando this summer to speak at a conference and we of course decided to go to Disney for a few days on the front end.

We are go every 3 year types and this is a bonus trip. We haven’t been since the Avatar attractions opened in AK. Obviously, touring there is very different now. We will stay on-site during our Disney days and our FP window hits next week.

I was using the customized plan maker and put in optimistically that I would get a fast pass for flight of passage. I make River Journey our rope drop first attraction. It says it will take 40 minutes. Then even with a fast pass, I will wait 50 minutes for flight of passage. I know that isn’t right, at least I hope so.

So we are going in June. Rated a 6. If we get to rope drop one hour early (Is that soon enough?), go straight to River Journey and then ride Flight of Passage on FP, what time are we walking out of the Avatar world?


No experience yet but I think everyone here will say 1 hour early for rope drop for Navi is way more than enough!! Not sure about the other timing though.

FP is readily available for Na’vi but not for FoP.