Animal Kingdom After Hours - is it worth it?

We only have 1 day in Animal Kingdom, have a fast pass to FOP, KS and EE… A little worried that we won’t cover everything. Was wondering if it was worth After Hours even if you have day tickets? I don’t think we will be too bothered with seeing the animals as we can do that elsewhere. We aren’t major Pandora fans however the hype seems to imply we will enjoy the ride.
Would it be better to just take another day from our holiday to plan to be in AK, although with only 30 days out I doubt we will get decent fast passes.

MK isn’t an option for us after hours as the dates don’t match up and we already have a few days scheduled there with decent fast passes.

We are going in the dreaded spring break.

What would you do during after hours?

I guess ride as many rides as we can…

I have gone to AK after hours. The only rides are ED, Triceratops Spin, Dinosaur, Navi, FoP and It’s Tough to be a Bug. I enjoyed it because I did EE x6 but there are not a lot of rides.


OK thanks… Maybe not worth it in this instance then… Thanks

Personally, I think DAH at AK is awesome.

Only the shows & attractions that host real animals are closed + Kali River Rapids, but you do those in the daytime. Then you spend the rest of the night riding all the major “E-ticket” rides over & over. Plus, a majority of people will choose to go to one of the other parks in the daytime because they’ll think “they’re not getting their moneys worth” because AK closes “early” to regular guests.

Here’s a link to an article that convinced me it was worth it:

After 9pm the line for FoP goes down to like 20 minutes. After 10:30pm it’s, basically, a walk on ride.

In December I did EEx5, Dino! x2, T-Spin x1 and FoP X4. I could have rode NRJ or something else again easily - maybe more -, but I peeked at ROL for a few minutes and stopped to eat as many Mickey Bars as I could handle / stuff my bag with bottles of Diet Coke and just gaze at a totally uncrowded Pandora. (My last ride on FoP had less than 10 ppl)

If you search these forums for other DAH AK threads I don’t think you’ll see anyone that was disappointed.

I know it’s an upcharge, but at WDW - time is money. I saved so much time during the day and did more at night than I ever could have.

If you are still undecided open the MDE app on a night where AK is doing this. Watch & refresh the wait times for AK Attractions. You’ll see how low these queues get as the night goes on.

Are there special character meet and greets, or is that just for “special” animal kingdom after hours? I’ve seen videos of people doing them, but they aren’t listed on the disney website.

Honestly my kids could probably each eat $130 in mickey bars and popcorn and recoup their ticket expense :rofl::rofl: (I’m only kind of kidding) We currently only have half a day planned at Animal Kingdom, so we’re considering this to add more “time” into our short-ish vacation. Only a few of us want to do Pandora, a few others want to do EE. I know doing the after hours would allow us to spend our official half-day in the park enjoying other things. But I am also completely torn about whether or not it would REALLY be worth it, over spending that time and money on another fun extra (plus, it falls on our Universal day, so is it worth cutting into Wizarding World?? mehhhh)

Just some thoughts from someone else having the same dillema

What else, other than It’s Tough to be a Bug is there?

I did EEx6, Dinosaur x2, Triceratops Spin, Navi, and FoP x2. There were only 3 snack carts when I went and one did not have ice cream.

Yes, if you want to do the same attraction multiple times, I wouldn’t spend the time doing RoL and if anyone has FoP and EE FPs for that day I just question if it add enough experiences?

Finally, we had issues with FoP- it was not a walk on. They told us not to go to it during the first hour while they tried to take care of the line. I think everyone should know there is no guarantee and unlike MK, if FoP is not an option there are not many alternatives.

I was saying there was time for me to have done something else “again” - not that there’s another ride. I’ll edit to fix to make it clearer. :smiley:

I didn’t see any characters. Only saw the Pandora drummers out playing.

I don’t drink coffee. I get my caffeine from sodas. I legitimately filled my backpack will enough bottles of Diet Coke that I never had to buy another for my mornings for the remainder of the trip. (I don’t do the DDP - so no refillable mug at resort for me.)

If this is your choice - Stay at Universal. AK is great, but IMHO can’t compete with either Universal Park.


I don’t think I am clear. I think AHs at AK is worth it if you enter at 7 and get a Safari and maybe FoLK FP. I just don’t see the value on a day you are at AK and have those two FPs already.


I think for us, the value would lie in being able to do these experiences during the event, and then on the day that we have a regular ticket be able to do other things we might have otherwise missed, or to take our time to “smell the roses” instead of rushing everyone about. For a family of 6, it’s just so expensive- but then, not much more expensive than a single day park ticket- and I don’t think we can make it work with our schedule. So ultimately I think we’re going to choose something else (if only HS would bring back after hours!!!) but I just wanted to explain our family’s logic when weighing the worth of these extra hour events. This is also exactly why we did purchase tickets for EMM. Knocking the must-dos of fantasyland out of the way before breakfast will allow us to enjoy a lot more of the park at a leisurely pace the rest of the day.

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I would, and have, done an AK day and then on another day I have gone to AHs. I guess I have an issue with the overlap time where I feel like I have paying extra but could be there (7pm).

yes, I agree that would be an ideal situation, especially since the OP says they have FPP for FOP and EE already. I don’t think I’ll be able to get FOP for the members of my group who want it.

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