Animal Kingdom 1day or 2day park?

Last visit to WDW was '14. Taking DW, DS12, DD10, & DS8 for 10-day hopper visit in Nov. Staying @Music suite with DGrandad. DS8/12 and DD10. Do we plan:
a) Rope-drop full day
b) Rope-drop full day plus 1/2 day (extra FOP visit worth it?)

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I would do the day & a half. Especially if you are going in the summer.

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My plan is to do 1 day, RD and FP FoP and get in line at closing too if we want a third ride.

100% two day park for me. And even then I know I miss things.


2 days!


With 10 day hoppers we are at AK at least 3 days, never full days as we break in the afternoon. But we rope dropped FOP twice last June and had a FP for it once. We also usually do the Safari twice each day and an evening safari is always great. Also loved Pandora at night, so we will definitely go back one evening.

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For us, AK is a one-day park for sure. We haven’t been since FOP, though, so I can’t say how much that adds. Aside from Expedition Everest, AK is our least favorite park. Not that we don’t enjoy it. We do. But for us, spending a day here is more than enough.

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10 days is a lot of days at the other parks to only do AK once. We are doing FP FOP twice over 9 days. Many call it the best ride in Disney.

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Safari multiple times - different each time.

Gorilla Falls trail - could spend hours with those Gorillas

FOTLK - best show on property, never to be missed.

Dawa Bar - great spot to take in some street performers in Harambe

TH - best character breakfast in property

Tambu Tambu Refreshments - dole whip AND rum? YES PLEASE!

Maharajah Jungle Trek - scoping out the baby tigers for days.

EE - multiple rides til nearing neuro damage

Tree Of Life - that tree though :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Flame tree - delicious food, huge portions, great value, AND a view of EE across the lagoon. Just wow. Tucked away from the beaten path a bit and offers a bit of a break from the chaos as a result.

Nomad Lounge - escape the chaos some more with a snack and a drink (doesn’t have to include alcohol)

Tiffins - I’ll let you know in June but if it’s good enough for @Len and also Me Rohde it’s good enough for me

Pandora - I can’t even. Visually stunning, great for wandering.

Satul’i Canteen - amazing QS

FOP - best ride on property. Mind blowingly beautiful. Leaves you with goose bumps

NRJ - okay I’ll give you a “meh” here. Hit real pretty and a good alternative to those who cannot or will not ride FOP.

Rivers of Light - short and sweet but moving with great messaging and technically impressive

Tree of Life Awakenings - i plan in sitting here til they drag me out come June. That tree though :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Please let me know if you need more data. Happy to oblige!


Chiming in. 2 days!

AK is a fantastic park to slow down and soak in the details. I also sit/stand for at least 15 minutes in front of the Tree of Life after sunset. Magical stuff.

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Are you talking about the weird-looking one?

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I haven’t been since Pandora opened, but even before it opened I considered AK to be a FULL day park, so with the addition of Pandora and ROL - plus a few other things added in - I have to go with at least 1.5 days…

2 days for sure–I could do 3 but only have 7 park days and don’t usually hop so 2 it is

Tree of Life awakenings got “stuck” while we were there and while it seemed awesome for the 20 seconds until the issues started, it was pouring so we didn’t wait for the technical difficulties to be resolved. Hope to catch it next trip! But glad to hear it is good. I love AK

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Definitely a must do. Just wish they’d drop the cheesy, “Let’s pretend there’s some drama out on the Safari” gimmick. It is unnecessary and feels forced. (Perhaps they have dropped it by now, I’m not sure.)


To me, this is the best ride in all of Disney (granted, since I haven’t been on FOP, I can’t compare it.)

Looking forward to it.

And this!

I’m expecting an Avatar rendition of It’s A Small World on this ride.

Thanks! :slight_smile: You did skip Dinosaur (not Dinoland). I found that to be enjoyable, but you didn’t mention it.

As far as the food goes…we just weren’t much a fan of any of the food at Animal Kingdom.

And since we do zoos all the time, doing the paths that are essentially seeing animals just is kind of a waste of time for us. I can see why others like it, but if I wanted to spend several hours sweating to death seeing animals, I’d head to the Toledo Zoo or the Fort Wayne Zoo, etc. :slight_smile:

Having said all this, I did make it clear that for US it is a one-day park. But with 10-day Park Hoppers, I would likely go back at least part of a second day and hit EE again and probably FOP based on the feedback I’m seeing.

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When we lived in San Diego we were members of the Zoological Society and went to the Zoo or Animal Park at least monthly. From that perspective I agree with you. But now, the nearest zoo of any substance is a weekend trip away from where I live, so I really appreciate spending time on the trails when I’m at AK.

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