Animal Kingdom 1 day 1st timers 28/7/19

As everyone has been so helpful on my other questions ht I’d expand question to Animal Kingdom. We are visiting on a Sunday as TP says quiet.

Plan to enter park 11am and stay to end with 12 and 9 year olds so we see the close show. Do all agree this best plan rather than RD and exit earlier.

I have managed to get FP for Navi River, Safari and Kali Rapids. Our Navi river is on entry to park safari around 1pm and Lalique rapids at 5pm. TP optimised plan is as below

Navi River (FP booked 11am)
Discovery Is trails
Nemo musical
Maharaja trek
Kilamanjaro Safari (FP booked 1 45pm)
Avatar ( predicts 120 min wait!!)
Lion King
Gorilla trail
Kali Rapids (5pm)
Wilderness Explorers
Adventurers outpost
Tree awakenings and tree of life

All looks quite full on. All doable and should I try the burn a fast pass idea to try and get a FP on the day for avatar?

Help please as everyone been very helpful and my MK plan looks to work a treat so hoping for similar on this !


The only glaringly off thing I see is the FPP for safari at 145…can you modify that to earlier or later? Only because at that time it’s going to be very hot and you’d have a better chance of seeing more animals either earlier or later in the day
Maybe see if you can swap that one and Kali? Kali would be a good option for middle of the day, you’d appreciate getting cooled off a bit

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Good idea I hadn’t thought about that

Would you be willing to do FOP at park close - literally 8:55pm? You may only have to wait 45 - 60 minutes. That will mean your children will be out later, but you’d wait an hour+ less in queue.

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I would highly recommend doing the safari as late as possible. Like dusk. Much better animal experience.

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Earlier this month, we didn’t enter AK until close to noon without a TP but with FPPs for KS, FoP, and EE. Since it was early May, the heat and humidity was slightly bearable so we saw plenty of animals on KS. Remember that afternoon thunderstorms can hamper your plans so we prepared with rain ponchos and knowing where to go when it rains. These thunder and lightening storms are the type where you have to seek refuge because a rain poncho wouldn’t cut it. But the plus side is they are usually short and allow you to get to an indoor ride or dining area before the next one hits. Also if your FPPs rides close for a storm (like EE), your FPP automatically converts to an “all time” FPP in the same category that you can use anytime until park closes that day. Enjoy!