Anecdotal Supremacy of Verizon over T-Mobile in bid for Boarding Groups

Three of us tried two different days this past week for boarding groups. Two were on T-Mobile (IPhone 12s) while the winner both days was on Verizon. On 14 April, Disney had issues in the morning (supposedly a server load issue), but we were able to procure BG 85 at the 1300 drop. Then on 16 April, the same Verizon user secured BG 2 at the 0700 drop. I have read elsewhere that T-Mobile is inferior in comparison to others vying for Boarding Groups in the Lake Buena Vista area.

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I think there are so many variables it’s nearly impossible to figure out.

But, I got BG 1 in the YC lobby on my Galaxy S10+ with T-mobile data, not Wi-Fi.

Also, the other 2 people that I know of that got BG 1 had Androids. :thinking:


Interesting. I did get BG 1 on a Pixel 2 from WBC wifi.

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When I garnered BG 2, it was using AT&T on a Moto G7. Same with when I managed a BG 12 and 5.

Len and company did a test of this last year prior to the Covid shutdown

Although looking back at the article, they just tested T-Mobile vs Wi Fi

Maybe @len could do another test using different cell carriers.

We can test it. I’d be slightly surprised if there was a big difference.


If you have a network signal, be it Wifi or via cell network, it is unlikely it makes any real difference.

My problem with Wifi at Disney is that it frequently decides to spontaneously disconnect. And I frankly don’t want to have it disconnecting just as I’m about to attempt a BG. If it DOESN’T disconnect, you’re good to go. I just see it as a gamble. This is why I just rely on my cell network, which doesn’t tend to drop spontaneously, unless I actually move into an area where I have poor reception (which hasn’t been a case at Disney).