Android 4.4.4 users w/ Nexus 5?

If anyone has a Nexus 5 running Android 4.4.4, can you try the following for me, please, and let me know whether it works?

In Lines:

  1. Go to the Magic Kingdom page. Scroll all the way to the bottom, where you’ll find a menu box titled “Sort”. Choose something other than “Alpha” (e.g., Time) and let me know whether the page sorts correctly.

  2. If you have a personalized touring plan, can you view it on your phone?

We have 1 Nexus 5/A 4.4.4 user who can’t do these things on his phone, and we’re trying to figure out why. Thanks for the help.


DW has one. I’ll try it when she gets home & report back on it

OK. Sorting works fine. Time is in descending order. Land sorts just fine. I just made a personalized TP and I can see that as well.

Thanks @pod4christ. Any issue with the app not remembering your login info between screens?

@Lentesta No problems at all. Just picked up her phone again and I was still signed in. Bounced all around the app and stayed signed in. Re-checked the sorting & viewing my TP and everything worked great.

@Lentesta, I click on forum in lines and now get a desktop view. I don’t have toolbar to fix. I tried to start today’s open thread and that didn’t work. Help. I will check time to time at work. No Internet or cell phone usage other than break area.

Galaxy s4