And the Trip Advisor 2018 Top Amusement Park is

Universal’s Islands of Adventure!!!

Eat slugs, Mickey! :wink:



Better out than in!


Wow Universal Studios Hollywood beat out UOR! Maybe I should reconsider my plans next week to try to include USH!

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That is an interesting list.

Agree, and not how I would rank them at all. Any list that has Disneyland as number 13, and USH as number 4 is not a list I can trust! California Adventure is number 15 :confused: It is well deserving of the top 5 in my opinion.


Any park that has Forbidden Journey is absolutely number one in my book! (Though I confess I give no stock to lists like this, I agree with number one at least!). :slight_smile:


I cannot speak to any of the parks I’ve NOT been to, but putting Universal IOA at the top ahead of all the Disney parks PLUS the Universal Studios park is rather odd, to me. I’d be curious to see their method for ranking these.

Now, if you could rate “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” across both parks as a single park, I can see it. I think, combined, it outdoes everything else in terms of theming, etc. But I wouldn’t put IOA as a whole a the top of the list by any stretch of the imagination.

Oh well. They didn’t ask me. Not sure why. They should have, because I don’t charge ANYONE for my opinion.