And so the nightmares begin

44 days out and I had my first legit nightmare about our trip! I dreamed that I forgot all of our tinkerbell gifts and autograph books! We went to a $ store near WDW and of course everything was picked over! All I could find was a weird blue creature riding toy! My bff was trying to convince me that it would perfectly fine for my DD5 to use to get autographs!

What’s the strangest dream you’ve had before your trip?


Mine are always the same. I can’t get everyone out of the house for RD, we arrive at about 3pm, there are 3 hour lines for all the rides, we don’t end up going on anything. It’s always at MK.


The weirdest one I’ve ever had wasn’t so much a nightmare as it was a mystery thriller. I was chasing someone through the Magic Kingdom who had done something and they got onto a roller coaster with a purple track (I don’t know why that detail is so vivid, reminds me of Figment’s colors looking back on it).

The coaster’s entrance was from a booth somewhere in the beginning of Mainstreet, and ended in Mickey’s Toon Town. The ride went through this giant void where it was nothing but black but the track itself was still perfectly illuminated like it was in daylight. As the ride neared the end, the ride broke down and I had to climb out of the car and run on foot out to the exit.

Coming out of it, I find myself in toon town and then eventually the tea-cups and the chase continues as now I have to ride the ride in order to chase down whoever it is I’m chasing. But as I’m there waiting for the ride to begin, I give up the chase because i’m distracted by all the colors and things happening in the park.

Annnd then I woke up.


I dreamed I had invited about 25 of my extended family members to come on the trip with us and I was trying to get them all to RD on time and then herd them all through the park from ride to ride in one huge group. I woke up in a cold sweat!


Mine was that my husband slept through the one and only ADR my son wanted while I was doing a tour…

And then it actually happened!

Fortunately, I was able to do some ninja juggling and get a new ADR for the following day.


“Sir, we are out of Pineapple Juice”


that’s what I call a NIGHTMARE!


had one just last night…DH and I had on our mickey and minnie ears and were trying to get to Mnsshp on bikes from WL and we kept getting lost

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I’m glad it’s not just me who gets crazy dreams as a trip approaches.
I’m a few weeks home from a trip now, but just last night I had a dream that we bought a refillable popcorn bucket for the first time, but we bought it on the LAST DAY of our trip!! I remember feeling so annoyed about the lack of value in my dream :joy::sleeping: