And so it begins...Disney Springs

Not sure who has seen this yet…but my wife linked me and I thought I would post it here. It seems Disney is at least getting Disney Spring prepared for eventual reopening…


Thanks, I have been searching for Disney Springs news almost daily.
Still nothing official, but its a good sign, hopefully we start hearing official announcements this week.

We live in Tampa, and frequent Orlando almost every weekend before covid.
Were looking forward to a little “normalcy”.

The only “official” thing I have read was the MDE has a push notification last week saying DS would remain close this week.

The fact they changed the notification to be specifically Disney Springs is likely a clue that it will open first.

Also heard it from a couple of decent sources.

The road sign in the article is mis-leading; apparently it’s been there since DS closed, and the parking lot has also had cars parked there the whole time.

Because of the large number of 3rd party run shops and restaurants, I think Disney would be hard pressed to try and prevent them opening if they want to. It is classed as a Mall and therefore is permitted to open in Phase 1. And Disney can learn from the establishments there as to the best way to organise things.

Plus of course, the DS resorts will likely open before the WDW run Resorts do. So this is good news for them.


Doesn’t really surprise me as Starbucks plans to open most of its locations across the US by 6/1. And by open I mean drive through and mobile order. A lot of the locations at DS are third party. Should be interesting to see how it all works out.

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I know someone told me their 4 Seasons reservation for Memorial Day weekend was cancelled. That resort said 6/1