And now I am being indecisive again


My poor TA is earning her commission with me with my scheduled cruise for sure!

This one started as the Mexican Riviera cruise on the Wonder over Easter week 2019.

Then changed to the Dream 4-night Double Dip over my birthday because birthday on Castaway sounds about perfect.

Then I found out about and joined the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation and learned about their summer camp which is usually the same time frame as the Double Dip.

Changed to a Fantasy Eastern at the end of August just before school goes back in session.

Then my sister started posting pics of Alaska and the Wonder, and I changed to that at roughly the same time frame as the Fantasy - a few days earlier, but still.

But now I am pondering going back to the Fantasy. It is a little more - and during hurricane season…but it is also new-to-me ports (my other Fantasy did St Maarten and San Juan - this would be Tortolla and St Thomas) And I am a little afraid of the weather in Alaska in late August. My previous non-Disney Alaska cruises were around this time (late-mid July) and we had gorgeous weather. But I do love Alaska and would like at some point to experience it DCL-style.

I am so torn as to what to do!!


Tortolla and St. Thomas are AMAZING! For what it’s worth :slight_smile:
I’ve been to Alaska as well and while they are so vastly different, if you are looking for someplace you haven’t been, you won’t be disappointed with the Virgin Islands


Your poor TA! LOL!


I know. I am looking at something pricey for one of my breaks to book and leave alone so she gets a nice commission. Haha. And I ALWAYS write the owner of the agency she works for to praise her.


Ok. I think I’ve decided to stick with Alaska (it’ll be my 3rd time…and I’m more of a wander the towns or go on a whale or bear watch girl in Alaska…I’ve seen the glaciers and they’re pretty and all, but I didn’t get teary over them or think they were the only reason to go).

But I’ll compromise and change from an inside to an ocean view cabin. (I’ve done the verandah thing before…and invariably when I’d be out there, the whales or bears or moose would be on the OTHER side of the ship, so I’d miss them or have to go to another deck anyway). Deck 2 forward - I’ll update once I hear from my poor TA as to which one she was able to move me into (I asked about some on the further back section of the forward part of Deck 2 because I know DCL doesn’t show every available cabin on the page - and other sites I looked at seem to be restricted to the aft section. If not, then the early 2000s or 2500s.) On the plus side, that will bump her commission up with that cabin change. :smiley:


Wait, you’re being indecisive? Say it ain’t so! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Back in stateroom 2004 for the Wonder Alaska cruise.