Analyze my initial FPP choices please!

Hello! I am starting to develop a list of FPP. My FPP day is a bit over 30 days away! I am planning on rope dropping on 11/6 and 11/8 (I have a pre-RD ADR on 11/8). I am traveling with my husband and our 5yo daughter who is a Princess fanatic who LOVES rides and roller coasters.

I am pretty sure I won’t get what I want on 11/5 but I am going to try and get all the big ones out of the way first. That said, I can swap 11/5 with 11/7 with no problem.

Help me fill in my ?? and also tell me if my plan is crazy? And what day would you book first?

11/5: MK – Fly in early, Dinner at 5:55 in the castle, then probably back to AoA and bed right after.
3:00: Princess Elena and Cinderella Fairytale Hall
4:00: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
5:00: Peter Pan’s Flight

11/6: EPCOT
9:15: ???
10:15: ???
12:15: Frozen Ever After

11/7: MK: Pirates League at 10:15 so no FPP until after lunch.
1:00: BTMRR
2:00: Haunted Mansion
3:00: Enchanted Tales with Belle

11/8: EPCOT – Soarin after the GG (8:20 res) if desired, otherwise ride The Land after GG
10:30 – The Seas with Nemo and Friends
11:30 – Turtle Talk with Crush ?
12:45 – Test Track

11/9: AK/MK (MVMCP) – Tusker house until 11:30.
9:00 – Kilimanjaro Safari
11:30 – Festival of the Lion King
12:30 – Expedition Everest


3:30 – Buzz Lightyear
4:30 – Space Mountain
5:30 – Dumbo

11/10: AK All Day - Late start due to MVMCP the night before.
10:30 – Na’vi River Journey
11:30 – Finding Nemo the Musical
12:30 - ???

I would add in Mission: Space if you’re at all interested in trying either of the new versions. It re-opens August 13 with a new Mars mission replacing Orange and a gentler Earth mission replacing Green. There might be longer lines than usual while people try out the new missions.


I never think about Mission Space because Orange made me SO SICK on my Honeymoon, but the Green version may be fun! Thanks!

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FYI, you don’t have to book a full day at once, so you could go for FoP, FEA, 7DMT, then go back and fill in all the rest.

At EP we typically get Mission Space and Spaceship Earth as our tier 2s. We don’t have little kids so we don’t do a lot of the rides there.


I like Character spot at Epcot when traveling with littles.


Re epcot you can pretty much walk on Nemo and Turtle Talk which are great for kids. Also you can walk on livin on the land.

Don’t waste Fastpasses on those.

Maybe the character spot ones are a good idea. As we also walked on spaceship earth mid morning

Although true most of the time, you need to burn through the tier 2s in order to get another tier 1. Honestly there are very few FP needed at EP except tier1. I would still get and scan the some tier 2 as soon as possible to open the window of a 2nd tier 1. Even if it only saves 5 minutes it’s worth it to me.


Yep that’s good advice

For EP I would do some combination of FEA, TT, MS, SE, LwtL, and another Tier 2 of your choice. Your 11/9 confuses me. You say TH until 11:30, but you have a KS at 9:00 and a FotLK at 11:30. I’ve also noticed that you are intentionally skipping FoP…

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Only guessing but I am thinking that might be because her 5 year old princess is not tall enough for FOP


I would add SE as a FP in EP. Lines can be long and the cue is not very comfortable. I actually think LWTL is also not a bad tier 2 grab at EP if you are wanting to ride it right around opening. It uses a tier 2 and ensures that you won’t have to deal with the crowd of people coming from soarin’ if you happen to come across them.


I figured I’d do the safari before my 10:10 TH reservation. Is that a bad idea? FOtLK will likely be fine, and I am assuming the 1 hour range of the FPP that it will fit somewhere between 11:30 and 12:30.

I am on the fence about FoP. My husband is 6’4" so may not fit, and also he HATES Soarin’ so I don’t think he’ll be on board, and I’m not sure about my LO. She’s tall enough but she might not like the isolation. If only I could go alone without being mean!

The age is definitely a factor. While she’s a 48" 5 year old (she’s a giant), I am afraid she won’t like the isolation of that ride.

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FotLK is a show with a specific start time, with no late entry. You may want to check the exact show time, and even with. FPP you should plan on getting the 15 min early.

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FotLK starts on the hour, so you’ll need to be there by 11.45 at the latest for the 12pm show. That should be fine though if TH is at 10.10am, they are right next to each other.

There’s no height restriction (at the higher end) for FoP, it seems to be calf size that matters. If your DH just doesn’t fancy it though, that’s fair enough.

So I can’t remember I shared this info with you or with another person somewhere on this forum. Anyway, re the isolotation factor of FOP: thought you do have your own “bike” you are sitting in a row of 8. You would easily be able to reach out to touch your little one. Just something to consider if you guys want to go for it. There was a dad and son in my group. The son was quite nervous but dad was able to reach over and hold his hand, pat his arm, etc.

For loading you are given a number 1-16. The only two riders with a barrier between them are 8 & 9.