Analyze my first week?


Our trip is coming up at the end of November so I’m trying to finalize our touring plans. Would you mind taking a look at our first week and letting me know what you think? I’m still trying to work out a few kinks in week 2. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is DH and myself and DD8, DD6, DD4, and grandparents in their late 60s. This will be our first family trip to WDW and our kids’ first real trip to an amusement park. We have 8 park days. No stroller…my girls are good walkers. May get a wheelchair for one of the grandmas depending on how her foot is doing by then.

We drive to WDW on November 30. First park day is December 2.

December 2: Epcot. Lunch plan is to snack/do QS. Afternoon is really just the WS, trying to hit these three countries/shows if possible but we’re flexible here. May do the Phineas and Ferb thing. Goal is to enjoy our time, not rush, not be crazy. We’ll do Illuminations the second week.

December 3: MK. We have two additional MK days. Evening plan is mostly things we want to do at night since we likely won’t have another evening in MK.

December 4: day off
December 5: AK. We have another AK day. Some of the trails are intended to be “wander these trails on our way to such-and-such a place.” But if I need more time somewhere let me know! :slightly_smiling_face: We want to see ROL this day because we won’t be able to our second day. I could be convinced to skip Na’vi altogether but I’m not sure my 4-year old will be 44" tall by then…she’s 43.5" right now. And I’m not sure she’d like it, anyways. Ideas for some magical way to use RS to get most of us on Na’vi and 5 of us FoP? Get 5 FPP for Na’vi and just 2 for FoP and use RS? Would that work?

December 6: HS. We have a Bon Voyage breakfast at 9:10. Not really interested in any Star Wars stuff. Seems to still have a lot of free time in there but I figure we’ll do some meet and greets in that time. We also may pick up a QS meal or snacks for dinner. This is our only HS day.

I’m mainly wanting feedback on: do I have enough down time in the plan itself? I don’t want everyone to be rushed. Am I introducing my kids slowly enough to “big” rides? I think they’ll all be good for everything up to 7DMT/SDD. BTMRR I’m not sure about, RnRC and ToT I will not force them on if they don’t want to go. I know everyone says to take a midday break, which we’re only doing once this week. Will having a 9-5 day at Epcot, a 9-8 day at AK (but with a fairly slow pace, I think), and a 11-8 day at HS be ok? Generally speaking?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and give feedback! I feel like I’ve done ok at not overplanning it but…advice is appreciated. :wink:

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Get the FP for FOP. I ride Navi in September without FP and waited at the most 20 minutes at the beginning of the day. We arrived a few minutes after the park opening.

I have them…I’m just thinking that if the day looks too long for my kids we could come later and I could switch 5 of the FPP for Na’vi and us RS. My MIL doesn’t want to ride FoP anyways, my FIL probably wouldn’t care, and my daughter might not be tall enough at all for it, and even if she is she might not want to ride. So that would just put two of us missing out on Na’vi and those two missing out on FoP, which they don’t care about anyways. I’m just wondering if it’s worth the hassle?

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FOP is amazing. We has FP on another day for Navi but walked on the other day we were in AK so we rode it twice.

MIL could wait in line for Navi with DD while you and FIL ride FOP.