An odd sense of relief

Towards the end of last week and over the weekend, I started really obsessing about my trip at the end of June. My FPP date is coming up (next week) and I thought, “well, surely I should have a plan just in case”. At the same time I was thinking, “there is zero likelihood of WDW being open by then, you’re wasting your time.” To which I answered myself with, “You don’t know that. Maybe it will re-open.”

I actually made myself a little sick over it. I had a headache that lasted for a couple of days and I’m sure it was stress-related.

On Tuesday I woke up and thought, “Look. It’s not happening. Cancel it. Get your money back. Focus on your next trip.” So I wrote to Disney. I had actually tried this about a month ago and — after a two week wait for a reply — they said they’d cancel the trip but would charge me $130 to do so.

But this time, I got a reply in just a couple of hours. No problem to cancel and they’d refund me in full. Which they did in two days. The trip disappeared from my MDE immediately.

And I actually felt a real sense of relief. The uncertainty was gone. I’m not going in June. End of story. Maybe I felt satisfaction from taking back some control of the situation, albeit perhaps negatively.

My countdown reset from about 68 days to around 188 days. My October trip is six months away. I feel no confidence that that trip will happen, either. But at least now I get to plan it — after all, my ADR date is next week!

Actually, I’m looking at Disney trips very differently right now. I won’t be stressing over rides and restaurants. Just being there feels like it will be enough.


Sad for you, though. Your friend was going to go with you and that would have made it a different experience. But, yeah, uncertainty can be a horrible feeling.

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There’s a lot to be said for feeling in control of a situation.


I did the same thing today. Today was my FP day and I logged on and actually got everything I wanted except a crappy late time for MMRR at 60+7. I went from being excited about the trip to just feeling like even if they’re open, I don’t want to go. We’ll just wait. We made a list today of all the things we want to do when “the flu is over” (which is what my 5yo says). WDW is on the list, of course, but so are about 25 other things like seeing our local AAA baseball team play, going to the zoo, going to our local amusement park, etc. We’ll have plenty to do, WDW will still be there.


Yeah, When we decided to cancel our May trip (which we didn’t actually cancel. We will let Disney do that and extend our tickets) and moved to October, I was sad but relieved. We are now at 183 days and our ADR day is Monday. I’m a little more excited than I was last week and it seems like there is more of a chance of the trip happening.

I thought you were not planning anything. Smelling the roses and all that jazz


I feel the same way. Some people are saying they won’t pay for half the experience, but at this point I’m just grateful Disney exists at all and will be happy to participate in whatever way I can in the magic Disney has to offer, and hopefully to bolster the travel industry a little as soon as it’s safe to do so.


I would happily pay for half the experience if it also means half the crowd. Even with a great TP there was always still a lot of lines (to get into the park, for the bus, etc). I’ll still enjoy Disney, even if I only get to experience half of the attractions that I normally would.


I’m glad that worked out for you. I also felt relief when I cancelled our spring break trip very close to spring break.

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I’m so happy for you @mousematt.
I know I’ll feel the same when ours is cancelled.
It still isn’t and we’re still going round in circles in our heads just now, but I know I’ll be happy when I cancel, which is in itself quite a sad thought.


Vacations should not induce anxiety, stress or illness. That defeats the whole point. Joy and happiness. Anything less needs to be adjusted. You made the right choice. Fingers crossed for you that Oct works out.

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I’m sorry you had to cancel your June trip. I can understand your relief that it is just done and now you weren’t penalized for cancelling.

Share your ADR plans. What is your October trip look like?

I think he might be allergic…

This! I would be happy just enjoying what’s there, taking pics, and doing/eating anything really!

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I felt the same sense of relief when canceling. Maybe it’s the thought of having control over something, instead of enduring a perpetual tease. Sorry about your trip.


That’s definitely a big part of it.

I have had mild anxiety ever since the pandemic began because I have a huge and expensive Disney cruise / WDW trip scheduled for end of May / early June. It is right in that window that they haven’t cancelled yet, but it’s almost certain that the cruise, if not the WDW portion, will be cancelled. But I can’t get a refund on anything until it’s officially cancelled. It would be nice to just rip the band-aid off and have the cancellation out of the way! Instead, we just wait day to day, keeping an eye out for that notification email.

In every other way, my family is very lucky and we have nothing to complain about. We have health, family, and funds to support our needs. Just this little nagging matter of our vacation to worry about!