An interesting dilemma / opportunity — your advice?

I was toying with the idea of adding the DDP to my upcoming stay in two weeks time. I couldn’t seem to find the cost, so I went through the entire vacation booking process online until I got to the part where it asks if you want to add the DDP.

But first it gives you a selection of hotels — and one of those on offer was Pop.

Now that wasn’t available when I booked, so I went for ASMo — and all that was available was preferred.

I’m interested to stay at ASMo, but nervous about the fact that only half the rooms have been refurbished. Having a refurbished room is very important to me.

The room available at Pop is a standard room and is cheaper than the one I’ve currently booked. If I call to switch hotels, Disney will charge me £25 because the cost of my package has been reduced.

However, if I then add the DDP, the total cost of my package will increase and I won’t (I think) be subject to that extra charge.

The net effect of all this is that for an extra £400 I can go from six nights at ASMo preferred to Pop standard, plus deluxe dining plan. With (presumably) a guaranteed refurbished room.

Would you make the switch? The only downside is that I’d quite like to explore ASMo, and I’m currently already booked into Pop in July. (Maybe I switch that one to ASMo — by July they may have finished the refurbishments.)

Note for my American friends — UK booking terms are very different to those offered in the US. There is no possiblity to cancel my existing reservation and book a fresh one.

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I like the idea of switching to Pop from ASMo. You’d definitely get a refurbished room. The logic of changing your July trip to ASMo is good.

I’d be careful switching to Deluxe Dining, to be honest, unless you have enough ADRs in your plan to make it worth your while. QS gives minimum pay back for the Deluxe Dining Plan. This close during a very busy time of the year may make it hard to make some ADRs. However, with the reservation finder, you probably could get most.

I have no idea how much £400 is in American $s, but it doesn’t sound completely too expensive. Do you think you would spend more than that on your existing dining plans? Only you will know.

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I’ve made all my ADRs and I’m happy with what I’ve ended up with.

They are:
Satu’li (1 credit, possibly x2)
Tiffins (2 credits)
Sci-Fi (1 credit)
Skipper (1 credit)
AP (1 credit)
Sanaa (1 credit)
HBD (2 credits)
Coral Reef package (2 credits)
Monsieur Paul (2 credits)
GF Café (1 credit)

That’s a total of 14 or 15 credits: all but one / two of which are TS. Only the deluxe DDP has enough credits to cover this.

As well as these meals, I’ll get 12 snacks and the refillable cup.

For a fixed, certain up-front price. (Blah, blah, something to do with tips.)

I think it’s worth it financially.

And switching to Pop removes the stress of will I, won’t I over the refurbished room. And I can switch to ASMo if I really want to explore it next summer.

I think I’m going to call them tomorrow and see if I can do the switch in the way I’m picturing it.


I think you should if you don’t mind the cost to upgrade! 400 doesn’t sound bad for food with all those reservations. And you have sounded really stressed about refurbished rooms. Maybe this will make your final weeks planning less stressful.,…


I’d budgeted for all these meals anyway, so it’s not really an additional cost. In a way it’s actually a saving because the cost comes to less than the amount I’d budgeted.


Hmm. I do prefer the theming at ASMo, though.

I say go for it!

I’ll call tomorrow. The in-room environment is more important than the outside theming. Besides, Pop has the lake and the bridge to AOA. I can always take a trip to ASMo to check out the theming.


Hope you’re able to make the changes! Too bad you can’t do it yourself on the website. :*(

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No brainer. Totally do it. You would pay more out of pocket for the meals you have planned, and you’ll be less stressed over the room assignment.


I didn’t want to be one of those guys who watches the clock and clicks [call] the second Guest Services opens in the morning.

But I am one of those guys, so I did.

Switch to Pop made. Deluxe DDP added.

No more stress about getting a refurbished room. Except during the call they said refurbishments were still going in till 31st December and it says this on the invoice, too.

Total increase was just under £400 ($500). So basically I’m getting all the meals I listed above and snacks for that additional cost. (Plus I could technically add a few more if I can squeeze them in!)


I just squeezed in BOG dinner at 6.50pm on my MVMCP night. Woot! Free dinner at BOG. Booked only two weeks in advance!


Pretty sure that even if they are not 100% finished, they are on the last section - meaning all open sections ARE finished.

I’ll finally be checking out the “rehab center chic” rooms in September.

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That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day! (Or course, it is only 8:56 AM, so there’s plenty of day left…but still!)

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It just occurred to me that I’m paying £400 for 12 meals. That’s £33 per meal. Given that at some of the signatures you can pay £33 just for the entree, I feel like I’ve got a great deal. Throw in the snacks and the cup and I think I’m #winning.


That’s awesome. :slight_smile: DH and I enjoyed the new BOG dinner last month and the food was very good but the theming of the meal was what I think I enjoyed most. They put a lot of thought into it while keeping the dishes accessible to those of us with less adventurous palates.


That feeling of #winning financially is one of the best feelings in the world! I am the kind of person who actually calls my sister to share my joy when I get a good deal on something. Good for you! Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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And the reverse feeling is awful.

I changed my original dates because at the stroke of midnight the flight price went up. It was no longer a bargain and I couldn’t bear to book it.

Ugh. That would make me cry. But right now, it’s all good for you, so we shall focus on that!

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