An impossible dream?

We will be a group of 14 going out for a Fireworks Cruise (2 boats) on a Sunday in March (3/13). How hard (impossible?) will it be to eat at Geyser Point beforehand? Say around 6:30? Do they even take parties of 14? Would the CL Concierge at YC maybe be able to call over and reserve us a spot on the list?


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I have no idea…but have to thank you. I now will be singing songs from Don Quixote the rest of the day…


I also don’t have an answer for you, but am following along because we will be going on an extended family trip in October with 13 people and am already dreading thinking about how we are going to do meals (picturing the cousins fighting over who is going to sit at a table with grandpa and grandpa if we have multiple tables).

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I would call GPs or WL directly and ask about reservations. I can’t recall 1 table being big enough so it might be good to talk to GPs and see what they recomend.

I had Andy Williams in mind myself. Lovely song.

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That is a lot of booths/tables at Geyser Point. If they allowed people to call and get on the list, wouldn’t a lot of WL CL guests do that? You could ask but I wouldn’t count on it?

I was thinking the same. But if she spoke to GP directly, maybe, for that many people they could at least keep it on their radar that 14 people will be coming in at 6:30 and may even take an informal reservation.

Sounds like I need to use JJT’s location spoofer. @JJT would you mind posting a refresher for Android? Thanks!


Thank you!

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I’m only reading this thread so I can comment that I keep singing Andy Williams!! :rofl::rofl:
I have nothing else to contribute. Sorry.

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It worked! I had to figure out how to put my phone in developer mode, then it was easy peasy! Thanks again!

ETA - 8 is the largest group they will take on the list.

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