An honest discussion about when to complain…

If on your way out Guest Services is not busy, ask what’s the best way to contact Disney about the issue of guest experiences being impacted by rides being unavailable. :wink::blush::sunglasses:

They may have good contact info. Or not.

I once advised Disney of the lousy housekeeping at Poly and got 2 free rooms at any deluxe.

I still have the letter. We’ve never used the 2 free rooms. :smile:


I had a similar issue. First park day our tickets did not work as the resort CM had assured us they would when checking in the night before. Park Guest Services CM rather rudely told me I’d have to go back to the resort.
I called the resort and asked for a driver to transport me to the resort and back. The CM asked to be put on hold which was 10 minutes :flushed: - seemed like a lifetime. When the CM came back on line the 5 of us had complimentary one day park hopper tickets on our Magic Bands. All I’d wanted was a quick trip.

I was astonished. She was happy to make the day more magical. We had 2 newbies with us who were amazed at our attitudes of wonderment.

When we went to the second park that day we stopped at guest services to put in a good word for the resort CM.

Problem solving is one of the best things CMs do.


I do NOT want to downplay my agreement with this…BUT…

I can’t help but think that it is rather like someone shooting you, and then being eternally grateful when they decide to pay for your medical bills! :slight_smile: Disney messes up, and we’re happy because…they made it right?

Anyhow…but yes, it is great when the CMs themselves go above and beyond to rectify a situation!


Should you not be?
Should you expect perfection 100% of the time?

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No. But I’m just thinking back to the ride maintenance issues. That’s on them, 100%. They aren’t doing the kind of investment back in the parks that they should be. Frankly, if a ride that people show up to ride for RD or ETHE is frequently down…Disney should AUTOMATICALLY have a policy that comps those guests perhaps a LL for that ride later in the day or something. Better yet…they should FIX THE RIDE.


I agree they should invest more into ride maintenance, but even with that there will be breakdowns.

This is probably not worth the frustration of the argument that will follow so I’ll just say we disagree.

Stuff happens. Maybe I’m too forgiving

Actually, we don’t really disagree. I’m just differentiating between the occasional unforeseen breakdown, and the frequent, recurring breakdowns that have material effect on guest experience. At least TT, which is a known problematic ride, they used to automatically convert the FP+ to an Anytime FP.

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I agree. (Whoa!!)
They have one job - entertain me. And I’ll add to that that they should be in the position to offer me all the spectacular things they show in the advertisements. I DO have extremely high expectations at that price point.
When I go to the local zoo for $16 per person I have a lot of room to forgive them if the monkeys aren’t available today. But at WDW prices headliners should be operational!

OP - I see you’ve resolved things and I’m so glad you got to ride. But to answer your question, I probably wouldn’t have complained today because time was so limited. It would take time to complain and they can’t offer much I’d you’re leaving. :heart:


I will say, we frequently rope drop HS when we come here, and both TOT and SDD have been up and running 50% of all the times I’ve done so.

Yes. Absolutely.

Do airlines do that without government intervention?

DH was double billed for a procedure back in 2021. Big medical group. After months of phone calls I had a nice chat with Medicare about that billing problem. Big medical group finally deleted the duplicate charge.

We’re constantly having someone shoot us and leaving us to pay the bills.

Don’t even get me started on insurance companies. :grin:

I think this is a perfectly legitimate complaint. Ride downtime, in particular, is a huge problem that Disney doesn’t seem to be fixing.

For what it’s worth, here’s a Wall Street Journal article on this from last fall. It kind of got buried with the Chapek news, but look at the numbers: Disney Parks’ Ride Stoppages and Wait Times Grow as Ticket Prices Rise - WSJ.


I recently learned that Disney keeps track, on a per-guest basis, of each time that guest complains about something. Along with the complaint, other info tracked includes what compensation, if any, was offered.

I believe this is tracked across parks, hotels, and restaurants.

I think the info is used to figure out the “how can we make this right” part of the complaint.

And I think this is the closest thing to a “permanent record” that any of us will ever have.

(I learned this because someone mentioned that in my 40±years of visiting WDW, I have exactly one record in my file. And that was because someone else complained and said “I’m going to tell my close, personal, friend Len Testa about this.”)


I am glad that you were able to ride! In this situation I would not have gone to anyone in person but I think sending an email after the trip is a good way to remind them that while maintenance needs to happen, opening rides when they say they’ll be open is important to the guest experience.

My complaints to guest services have generally been when I’ve paid for something additional that didn’t end up happening as stated. For example back when they were doing the early entry additional ticket (hour and a half early rides plus breakfast) we had a trip where we did the Magic Kingdom one (for 7DMT) and Hollywood Studios (for SDD). The MK one was first, and 7DMT was down the entire time, so we rode WtP and PP, and their solution was that we could use the FP line for all three until noon. This was a bit annoying, but we got a few rides in and we were ok with that as the solution as we still got several rides on each of the attractions. But then at HS, SDD was down until the last 15 minutes of the time. And the offered solution was 1 FP for each of us. That to me wasn’t an ok solution, so I went to guest services to see what else they could do, and they ended up offering me a refund. I think given the totality of circumstances I was grateful for that and glad that it was offered to me.


I hope you actually were a close personal friend (and not just used as weight to throw around). Although, maybe not. Depends on the nature of the complainer.

In response to the OP, I think providing feedback can be done constructively later. Maybe somebody will listen to you and prioritize ride maintenance.


Yeah I had a similar glimpse into their system before the shut down. When Rise compensation was being offered, I saw they could see EVERYTHING you were doing. Down to what Fast Pass you signed up for and whether or not you redeemed them. The CM I was talking to was very surprised when he looked over my file.

But are you suggesting that your demeanor is also tracked? And if so it’ll determine future compensation(s)?


Why was he surprised?

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I promise it wasn’t me :rofl:

Thanks, I feel like my issue is now “Len approved”



I knew showing up 8 hours late for our GOTG BG would come back to bite me!