An extra ticket

I’ve had a one day pass for parks beside MK for a while left over from when my MIL couldn’t make it to the park. I’ve already booked a package for this year and really didn’t see where it would be any cheaper to buy the other four in my family tickets to complete the day. It’s cheaper in a package. My question is, what if any benefit does having one extra ticket offer? Is it worth using it just for the extra fp? With rs could it be used to get an extra pass for fop?

I guess I didn’t realize the possible scandal of using the ticket for a FP. My thought was using my park hopper to enter a park in the morning and the other for the afternoon. It really wouldn’t be that much better anyway.

Yes, you can do this. We have done it before, you just enter one park with one ticket, and another park with the other. I had them on separate MDE accounts though, so could have 3 FPP on each ticket. You can also use it in the same park you are already in if you want 6 FPP in one park. You just have to enter the gates twice, once with 1 ticket and 1 with the other. Then all 6 FPP can be used by you. It can get confusing which FPP you booked on each ticket, I wrote it down so would know which ticket media/magic band my FPP were on. There is no scandal with this, this is 2 paid tickets being used the same day.

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So theoretically if I have a fop FP for 10 am for me and one child, I have three but one will be too short. We ride fop, get riderswap so my wife and two children ride with her. Then she has a fop FP roughly the same time and we do that again in reverse. I use my other band for Navi and get a fp for our dd who’s 4. Use rider swap for my wife and dd as well so she has something to do while we’re on fop. That sound right?

Do all riderswap passes by default include two children? If I ride a ride myself but get a rs while in line will that just be for my wife or would it include children even if they didn’t originally ride with me?