An adult with motion sickness

We have 3 kids (8,5, and 3) and 3 adults going on our trip. One adult has motion sickness and anything more than “It’s a small world” or “Winnie the Pooh” is too much. This includes rides that spin in a circle (Dumbo, Carousel, etc.) and it seems like the Buzz Lightyear ride (it swings side to side right? does is turn fast?)

I know that there is a ride switch for adults on some rides where the kids are not big enough. Would we be able to do something like that only switching the child and not the adult? Can you fit 3 on the Buzz Lightyear ride if it is a very skinny adult with the smallest 2 children? What about the Dumbo and Magic Carpets - the same questions.

I tried asking the Mom panel but they totally missed the point of the question.
Thank you for your help!

Dumbo you can definitely fit. I fit with my 200lb son. 7DMT is only a two-seater.

Sorry that I can’t remember where but I read an article on the seats for all rides, and on most you can fit with 2 small children. The eight year old can also ride alone on quite a few rides. If you explain the situation to the CM, I’m sure they will sort something out, also as you are queuing chat to those around you and find someone on their own.

An adult and 2 small kids would fit on Buzz no problem although there are only 2 “guns” so someone wouldn’t be able to “play”. Also note on Buzz that the spinning is mostly determined by the rider via a control - there are a couple instances where they slowly rotate you automatically - one is for the picture, but an adult with motion sickness could likely ride alone & never touch their rotation stick and likely be fine. Just a thought…

You can get 3 on a Buzz Lightyear with no problem (though, as noted, there are only 2 guns to shoot, but the third person can drive.

FWIW, I’ve ridden Buzz with two different adults who suffer from motion sickness and they’ve not complained about any problems. Neither rides any roller coasters and one won’t do any Dumbo-type spinner rides, and both were fine on Buzz. Since you can control whether or not you spin, if you let that person control the spinning then they might be ok with riding.

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