Has anyone taken Amtrak down to Orlando? Does anyone have experience with whether the trains are always arriving in Orlando late? And how late? Thanks!

We took the auto train from Lorton, Virginia to Sanford, Florida which is about an hour from Orlando. We brought our vehicle on the train and it worked out really well. We typically drive to Orlando from Pittsburgh every year and thought we would try something different. So we took the train down and drove back up. We are a family of six, 2 adults and 4 kids. We got a small cabin and although it was tight we fit comfortably. The train pulled out at about 4pm and we arrived in Florida about 8am or so. Included in our train fare was dinner and breakfast. I have no real complaints. Sleeping was not perfect and I am slightly claustrophobic so it just took some getting used to. I would have to say I would do it again. I would probably get two rooms for us and maybe even just try regular passenger seats now that kids are older. Takes some of the pressure off of all the driving and you can kind of just relax the whole time, bring your laptops, iPads etc!!

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One summer we took Amtrak from Philly to Boston. It was hot and the train was late. Anything can happen. The train was from before from Florida.

We have flown and used the auto-train. While the train may arrive in Sanford, FL around 9am, it may take 1-3 additional hours for your car to get unloaded. You feel like you’ve won the lottery when they finally announce that your car is ready! I agree with @KWINKLE comments - its a good experience if you have the extra time and need your car. However, I wouldn’t recommend for a short trip or if you don’t need a car.