Ample Hills Bankruptcy

Such a bummer on top of so many other bummers! I was really hoping to try it on our next trip. Hope they can get things worked out and stay open.

I think your going to see a lot more bankruptcies before this is all over. I also think you are going to hear about a lot more people jumping off buildings.

This is so sad. The ice cream is delicious.

Since they filed chapter 11, they anticipate that they will continue operations and the court/debtors agreed with their plan to pay their debts. They’re looking to have some of their debt forgiven or the terms changed so they can pay it.

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Delicious ice cream.

Tough times under the circumstances, too.

Filing for bankruptcy does not mean they will close; it just means that they will restructure finances. Some stores may close, but with the volume that the WDW location sees, I doubt it would be on the chopping block.


I think a huge part of their financial woes is that they started selling pints at grocery stores. However, at $7.50 the product, at least at my local grocery store isn’t moving.

I bought it, but not often. I felt it was worth the money, but I also felt selfish and frivolous when I bought it.

No!!! We didn’t get to it in our last trip and I have it in my plans for our next trip.