Amount of time to allot for MK resort hopping

If I have an 8:30p.m. reservation at 1900 Park Fare and want to spend a little time beforehand exploring CR, Poly, and GF, about how much time should I allow to explore each resort? Currently, I am planning on 30 minutes per resort with about 10 minutes travel between.

I would plan at least that much, perhaps more like 45-60, depending on what you’d like to do at each stop.

It really depends on what you mean by"explore". Do you just want to get off the mono take a quick lap of the lobby to say you’ve been there, or do you want to look in the shops, check out the grounds, etc? If the former, 30 min is probably enough. If the latter then you’ll need 45-60 - especially at the Poly and GF.