American Flight Change

Grr… just noticed that my return flight (from MCO to Dallas DFW) got changed from 7:30pm to 5:30pm on Dec. 26th.
Not the end of the world… but annoying. Anyone else notice this? Wondering if it will change again??

Similar to what happened to us recently, but with Delta.

grr… yes… annoying. I’ve never had the happen before. I was surprised to see the change this far out from our trip (about 7 weeks out).

American did that to me in October. Changed my 7:30pm to 2:30. Lost almost an entire day and had to cancel an ADR. To make things worse the new flight was 100% full

oh! Booooo! That’s awful :frowning: I’m sorry that happened to you :expressionless:
I was surprised too - thinking they would be ADDING flights instead of cancelling them over the holidays.

Could be worse, my friend and I both changed to Red Eye so as to not lose time, because return flights went from close to 6 pm…to 1 pm :crazy_face: So, we gain on the front end, what we lose on the back end. You really have to watch flights, I won’t trust my flight won’t change, until I’m in the air :joy:

But they may change the landing time on you.

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We had the same thing happen on our United flights. The worst part was that they didn’t even send us an email. We had to notice it on our own. They also consolidated flights and put us on a flight with a connection when we had a nonstop previously.

Boy- I sure don’t like the sounds of that! How disappointing for you!
I didn’t notice the change today until I just happened to pull it up on the app… no email or text. I suppose that could have something to do with my notifications… but still found it strange.

It was actually a blessing in disguise. We called to complain and they moved us to a return nonstop flight the next day for no additional cost giving us another day at Disney. We initially didn’t book a flight home that day because it was much more expensive.

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7 days out - flight canceled! So now I’m 6 days out and spending a night at Pop Century. Airline was going to move me to flight next day, but I had them move me a day early instead so I don’t lose park time. (So one night at Pop, 6 at CBR)

Whats concerning me is in flight food and beverage purchases coming back more and more. Seats arent socially distances like restaurants. How is this acceptable? Im confused with this decision by the airlines.

I had JetBlue move our flight home up by a day two weeks before the flight. Did some scrambling to change airports to keep our original dates. Very annoying.