American Airlines Upgrades

I was just able to upgrade my $136 round trip to first class for $150 for my May trip. $286 rt for first is just unheard of so I thought I’d share how with others who may be traveling soon.

I logged into my AA account and selected my upcoming trip. As I scrolled to the bottom of the page there was the usual offer to purchase additional miles, but there was also one to upgrade “for as low as $75” which takes you to another page. On that page it shows you each flight on your ticket and the cost to upgrade each leg so you have the option to just do it for 1 leg of your trip if you want. Out of curiosity I checked the price as if I booked outright and it would be $746 so I’m paying roughly 1/3 of that.



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This isn’t the “upgrade,” is it? :wink:


:rofl: let’s hope not!

I have done that few times. You can catch some cheap ones at times. But you are right, it is priced for each leg so it can get tricky. I got an upgrade to Myrtle Beach from CLT for like $25 one time.


Checking a flight for DD and the first class upgrade is $120. If she has 2 checked bags, that cost difference becomes almost nothing.


That MB-CLT flight is amazing. Sure beats 4 hours in the car!

Yeah it can be worth it. Especially when you account for early boarding and deplaning, your baggage arrives at the carousel first, and for 21+ you can relax with a cocktail in mich comfier seats.

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I just booked my ticket home from volunteering with my daughter’s drum corps where I will be part of a team feeding 200+ people for 12 days. For $80 I “upgraded” to a nicer seat (not first class) and included one checked bag. It was on United not AA.

I am going to be tired and not want to deal with much so having my bag prepaid and sitting closer to the front will be helpful!!

I have a number of flights coming up. Most are on AA, one on Southwest (used funds that were expiring in the fall), and one on United. Will definitely keep an eye out on any upgrade deals!


This 100%! Especially on the flight home from a vacation.

I’m not seeing an offer to purchase additional miles when I’m on my upcoming trip screen. All I see is Manage Trip or Seats.


I was on a desktop when I saw it. What are you using?

Oh the app. Let me check from destkop

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This is so weird but when I log into my account on the app it shows my trip

When I login on the desktop it says I have no trips

That is really weird. Can you search with your record locator?

Yes but I can’t make it “stick” to my account.

As soon as I navigate away from m anaging the trip it disappears.

I’m giving up. This crap makes me crazy. It took me 10 minutes just to get logged in.

That is crazy. I don’t know why that would happen unless Disney IT got a hold of them too.


I have spent far too much time over the last month on the phone w/ various airlines changing my middle initial to my full name in their systems. My driver’s license used to just have my middle initial, but when I renewed and updated it w/ Real ID, they switched it include my full middle name. Since our tickets need to match the name on our ID, they all had to change.

This week was my interaction w/ United. I spoke to them on Wednesday because I had forgotten my password. When I reset it (a combination of letters, numbers, and characters in accordance w/ the instructions) it failed when I went to log in on my browser (regular web page) because the error message said I can only use letters and numbers!

When I called, they basically told me to not press the button I used on the website (we don’t recommend that since it doesn’t work) but to instead click on another button which opened a completely different interface. :roll_eyes:

Why?? Why would you have a button on your website that you “don’t recommend using because it doesn’t work?” …we really need a bang head emoji.

While I had him on the phone, I asked him to change my middle name, which he says he did. He didn’t. It didn’t change. I logged out and back in, wiped cookies…no change. I even waited until the next day. Nope.

Called again on Thursday. Helpful person told me it had been done incorrectly and he finally fixed it.

While I know my husband is a rock star in his IT role, I have almost lost all hope in most IT departments/help desks.

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