American Airlines to end First Class Seating


“The first class will not exist … at American Airlines for the simple reason that our customers aren’t buying it,” – Vasu Raja, the company’s chief commercial officer

Well gee, i wonder if it’s because it’s A THOUSAND DOLLARS and all you really get is an extra drink and 3 inches of room??? Nahhhhh can’t be it.

(but for real, that extra drink was pretty boujie , I ain’t gonna lie.) :rofl:


Honestly what is considered first class on most domestic flights is actually business anyway. I bet this will only apply to the super jumbo jets with true first, business, and economy classes.

Ironically, I have never worked for a company that allows you to book business class unless the flight was over 8 hours!

They should really rename all of the sections. It sounds so classist and gross.


I am not bothered by different classes. But I just find it ironic that the business class category… businesses don’t allow you to book!


Mine did. We could book anything that was available.

Back when we traveled. Before the airlines were hot garbage and Internet Conferencing was a strange and scary endeavor! So…late 2019. :slight_smile:

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I should clarify…technically we could book it…but we would have to pay out of pocket the price differential over what an economy ticket costs.

I’m in the automotive industry. Maybe it is just them. :confused:

There’s your answer. They just want you to drive.


Awww man. I feel like American has the skimpiest overall first class offering, but the best breakfast by a LOT. When I used to have to fly between NYC and Detroit every 3 weeks or so for 7 months out of the year I usually flew in the morning and they’d often offer an upgrade for $40-50, which I’d always take because that meant free bags and breakfast, plus a ridiculous amount of miles (it was like 1500 miles for a flight that was 1:20 in the air).

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We flew to/from JFK to CA last week on an AA plane that had first, business and main cabin. Both first and business were full on both flights. My understanding based on overheard conversations during the14 hrs I sat in the airport trying to get home was that that plane is only flown that route once a day. So if you want first/business you’ll be on the only plane that offers it. I presume that’s why it was full for me.
Walking through them gave me serious #goals though. Especially for a flight that’s 6+ hours.

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