Amazon water delivery to POR

I would like to have a case of water delivered from Amazon to POR on or before Nov. 29th. With the Thanksgiving holiday I think I would need to order a week ahead. Does anyone know what language I need to use for the shipping label to make sure it gets to us? Will Disney hold it for a few days if it comes early? Thanks! has the info that you need.

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This is fantastic! Thank you!

We are planning on doing this too - checkin date of Nov 28 as well! I think you can do Amazon pantry and when you add the waters to the box it tells you what % of the box is full etc…so you can add snacks as well!
Don’t know why we’ve never done this before…we get SO MANY bottled waters while there, just the savings on that pays for the shipping cost in itself ($5.99 flat I believe even for prime members). I think you put your arrival date/name on the shipping info and yes they will hold it.

  • Just realized how old this post was, lol. Still helpful info! :slight_smile:

I have used Garden Grocer for years - they do grocery delivery to resorts and we usually order two cases of water to save from buying in the park. We order breakfast items too and they were great when my kids were little (ordered diapers and wipes).

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