Amazon Visa - a walk down memory lane and a better way to pay than MagicBands

My June 1 statement appeared for my Amazon Visa. It included the last couple days of my trip last month. I don’t usually get nostalgic when reviewing my credit card bill, but when I saw the charges for Beaches & Cream, Via Napoli, and Prime Time Cafe I felt the need to smile.

I’m also pleased to share that this card was a better way to pay than using my MagicBand. If I’d used the MagicBand, I believe all the charges would have run through Walt Disney World Resort or Disney’s Beach Club resort and I would have gotten only 1% cash back. By using my Amazon Visa I got 2% cash back on those restaurant purchases. This is even better than using the Disney Premier Visa because even though you get 2% for Disney-related purchases, you don’t get cash back.

I’m not sure all WDW restaurants come through as restaurants but it appears most did, including some counter service places like Katsura Grill.

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I have an Amazon Visa too. I like the fact that you get 3% on Amazon purchases. But I had no idea you could get cash back. I thought the points were only good to use on This is great to know. I just submitted a request for the cash back so I can put it in my Disney trip fund.

Thanks for your post! :smile:

You can have the cash transferred to a bank account or get an instant statement credit. The trick is remembering which card gives 2%+ for which purchases!

Yea we’ll be getting rid of our Disney Visa as soon as we get a house. Can’t open any new credit accounts til that is done. We’re considering either going with the SW card to get air miles or the Orbitz card which is surprisingly pretty generous with points that would help greatly with the hotels.

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That’s probably a wise choice. It’s too bad that the Disney Visa isn’t a little more generous - like maybe giving 3% back on Disney purchases or something. After all we’re basically doing a bunch of free advertising for them. My wife and I often get comments about our cards and questions about how to get one.


I used the Disney Premier Visa when I knew for sure I had a Disney trip coming. The up front bonus paid for the annual fee. However, I’ve had to cancel two WDW Disney trips in the past couple years. So, you really never know for sure. And I had to go through the minor hassle of using the Disney Visa points to buy a gift card so the points wouldn’t expire.

So, I cancelled my Disney Premier Visa and really just keep the free one as a conversation starter (as you say, @RobertSch6 ).

I use Bank of America Visa for most other purchases. You get 2% on groceries (albeit up to a limit) and 10% rewards bonus.

All things being equal, cash back is best.

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