Amazon Prime Pantry...What do you order for your trip?


Have any of you sent a prime pantry to your hotel for your stay? What types of things do you order? I am ordering water and want to fill my box! :slight_smile:


I started out trying to do the Amazon Prime pantry and then just did Garden grocer, as I decided that I did want to have a few fresh or cold items. but what I ordered were dried fruit strips, planters nuts, variety pack of frito lay snacks, water, beef jerky, and some beer!


I ordered water and powdered Gatorade. The water took a lot of space in my box 66% I think. So there was not much room for very many items. I packed in the extra suitcase granola bar, trail mix, beef jerky, pop tarts, shelve stable milk, candy, and fruit snacks.


Don't forget to bring the drink additives to add to your bottled water. I like plain water but the kids like stuff called "stur" I did get that off of Amazon, and have not been able to find at the grocery store. I like the taste and so do the kids. Doesn't taste chemically like many do.


Here is a list from my most recent Amazon Pantry order. I should note that I also had a small Garden Grocer order that consisted of milk, yogurt, bread, english muffins, and bananas. Our trip was just the four of us - myself, husband DS5 and DD3.

  • granola bars
  • baby wipes (we are out of diapers but these are still perfect for quick clean ups on the run!)
  • zip lock bags (to pack snacks, hold cell phone, etc.)
  • peanut butter
  • jelly
  • cheerios
  • peanut butter crackers
  • oatmeal
  • apple sauce
  • fruit strips
  • juice pouches

and a few other items so that I didn't have to pack in my suitcase:

  • sunscreen
  • razors
  • shampoo
  • conditioner


Do they allow you to ship Amazon packages to your hotel room on resort property (i.e. - Pop, or wherever)? I heard they may charge a fee for it somewhere.

Also heard that shipping something home from the resort was a pain, not sure which service people use (USPS, Fed Ex, UPS) to do that.

Any tips on either front appreciated - thank you!


We stayed at Bay Lake Tower twice and had an Amazon delivery both times. On both occasions, we picked up from the Contemporary business office - BUT we were only charged a $10 fee the first time. We were not charged anything on our most recent visit.

I have read that "convention" resorts (Contemporary, Boardwalk, Grand Fl, etc.) will charge a fee but other resorts do not. That was half true on our trips :wink:


I called CBR to ask and they said yes no problem just do not ship them more than 10 days before arrival!


We ordered box of single serve packs of nuts, protein bars and larabars for snacks and quick breakfasts.