Amazon Prime Pantry deliveries to Disney World Resort

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience use Prime Pantry Deliveries to their WDW resort. I was thinking shipping diapers and wipes etc instead of lugging it from home and food/bottled water too of course. It just adds so much weight/space to the luggage. Just wanted to throw it out there and see what people’s experience have been.

We used Amazon Now three weeks ago at the Poly. There were no fees, etc. We did tip Bell service upon delivery. Only problem occurred when bells had to make three seperate trips to deliver our items b/c they didn’t just put the order together upon receiving and they kept finding things. It was quite frustrating but I think that may have just been that crew b/c we had issues at checkout as well.
Anyways, it was nice having some water, breakfast bars, bananas and oranges, etc. around to tide us over until we got to the parks and breakfast. Totally worth the chaos :slight_smile:

We did order amazon when we stayed and it went smoothly. Our order was waiting for us on arrival. I think if you use amazon prime now then there is no resort delivery fee but otherwise there can be a $5 charge per box. There is also no resort delivery fee with Garden Grocer.

What is the difference between Amazon Prime (which we are a member of) and Amazon Prime Now?

thanks for the info. Can you get refrigerated items such as milk through prime as well?

You can get refrigerated items through amazon prime now but not amazon prime. They are different websites that you log into separately but I think if you are a member of amazon prime then you can do amazon prime now as well. With amazon prime now orders there is a 2 hour delivery time within order being placed.

Pantry is 2 day delivery. I think it has a flat fee of a few bucks. Prime Now is 2 hr. delivery with no fee but a $50 minimum.

Prime Now has a two hour delivery window. You order day before or day of. If your order isn’t over a certain amount there is a delivery fee. I’ve used it three times and have been very happy. Last order in April was waiting in my room when I got there.

If you aren’t an Amazon Prime customer, there are other services (Garden Grocer, Instacart) that deliver to Disney resorts. Prime now is same day delivery and includes perishables; Prime is simply 2 day delivery of non-perishable items.

Thanks so much to everyone for responding, I played around with the Amazon Prime NOW option and it seems to have better prices than garden grocer plus way more options. Definitely the way I’m going to go. I usually like to help out the local companies instead of Amazon but with this Disney trip I am looking for ways to save money.