Amazon prime + Fantasia Market for groceries?

We are staying in a studio at BLT for 4 nights and was wondering about groceries. I’m an Amazon Prime member and was thinking about shipping a box of diapers/wipes, dry cereal, granola bars, etc. to arrive by the time we check in. Would it make more sense to supplement with a delivery from a place like Garden Grocer (milk, fruit, etc.) or just buy those things from Fantasia Market? I will try to get as many of my items from Prime as I can but I wasn’t sure about the prices at the BLT/Contemporary market vs. Garden Grocery prices/deliver fee.
We plan on having breakfast in our room 3 times and also packing our own snacks each day we venture out so will need a few things that I can’t get from Prime - such as milk and fruit.

I’ll share that we had a positive experience using Garden Grocer. Members of our party each wanted different, specific snack items, which we were able to get through GG. However, if you only need a few fresh staples (like milk and fruit), you may not need to bother with GG? We were pleasantly surprised by the price (at AoA) for a half-gallon of milk. I recall fruit selection being a bit limited - apples, oranges, bananas, and then grape cups in the fridge.

I’d add, too, that ordering through GG was easy and we received a text while we were deplaning at MCO that our groceries had been delivered to our resort. However, they were not in our room when we arrived, and despite three calls (and two offers to come get them ourselves), they still weren’t brought to our room. DH eventually tracked down a cart from bell services and hauled them back to our room himself, about 6 hours after we checked in. Just something to keep in mind.

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Thanks! Sounds like I should just stick to the amazon delivery and get milk/fruit at the BLT/CR. Good to know the prices aren’t outrageous. A grocery delivery would just be one more thing to order and track on my ridiculous “Disney Vacay” spreadsheets. Ha!

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Oh, one other question…Do you know if I could buy a loaf of bread at the resort market?

At AoA, they had Pop-Tarts and cereal, but did not have loaves of bread… but Fantasia Market could have a different selection!

if you order from amazon give yourself a lot of time before you arrive. It seems like they are always being delivered at the end of people’s stays. I’m pretty sure I saw loaves of bread in the DVC resort stores.

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