Amazon Delivery

How far in advance can I order something? Do I just put my name and arrival date? I heard WDW charged a $5 fee. Is that per order or box?

This doesn’t really answer your question, but we did order an amazon package the day we got there and just put in our resort’s address, our name, and our room number. I thought we’d have to go to the concierge desk to get it, but it actually showed up in our room. No charge was applied to our folio.

@Flutegarden Prime Now or Amazon regular delivery? There is no charge for Prime Now delivery.

Not prime now. It was a prime 1-day shipping item.

edit: oh, were you asking OP, because it was a reply to me… But, in any case, we had no charge for regular Amazon delivery. Maybe it was just a fluke.

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Regular delivery. Just want to ship diapers.

The research I had done before I went last week said a $5/box charge for regular Amazon Prime delivery, No fee for Prime Now delivery. I only did Prime Now, there was no charge.

The charge is per box, so if you order several things you want to try to group them into as few deliveries as you can if possible. You can order as far ahead as you like (within reason of course), the resort will hold the package for you. I usually include our reservation number and arrival date in the address when I have stuff shipped to resorts. :slight_smile:

We ordered diapers on Prime Now btw. Worked out great. Less than 2 hour delivery. Prime Now will deliver a lot more than groceries including clothing items you may have forgotten. Prime Now has no delivery fee from the hotel and comes straight to your room.

Great! Thanks!

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They do not have unlimited brands and sizes in everything baby. So just go on Prime Now, enter the zipcode and shop around to see if it is what you need. I did end up getting a couple of non diaper things at the Baby Centers at the parks. That worked out great too. We have had a great Prime Now experience every time. Someone else can way in if they have not. I did find this trip if you order late at night it is not a two hour window but comes the first slot the next morning.

Have the address of your hotel saved in your phone so you don’t have to be looking for it at the airport when you land and place your order.

My son’s 2.5yo so we don’t need much else in terms of baby stuff fortunately.

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The Baby Centers have single dose Tylenol for mom and dad. We definitely got that along with baby things. :heart_eyes: