Amazon delivery to resorts

Has anyone had Amazon deliver water or groceries to their WDW resort? Years ago I used Garden Grocer. What do people do these days?

I’ve used Instacart recently for grocery delivery to our WDW resort. Worked well–great service.

The last three years we used Amazon to deliver to POFQ. No problems.

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We used Amazon Prime Now a few weeks ago at WL with no issues. Ordered a case of water, kids’ food/snacks, bananas, and yogurt. I had the order ready on my account at home (suggest using desktop - easier to search), and then I placed it while we were in line for the ME and it arrived on time at Bell Services.


Last year we used Amazon Prime Now for groceries and them delivered to Pop Century. We’re Canadian so our Prime membership doesn’t work for that so we had to sign up for a month of US Prime.

What are the delivery rules? Our last trip we used Instacart and they left it at the desk for us. Do we need to be present to accept delivery now?

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We did delivery in July and they left it at the front desk for us and refrigerated the cold stuff. We were lazy and paid for the resort staff to bring our groceries to the room when we got back. Our Instacart shopper was fabulous and let us know where she was frequently.

Does bell services charge for holding it? I thought I saw something about that recently.

They didn’t at BWV in July. They charged to deliver it to the room.

Did Amazon Prime in November to Pop. We had issues with the delivery, even after explicit instructions on where and how to deliver to Pop. Got an alert that the whole order was cancelled…but then got an email that it was delivered. We were in the Parks so we weren’t sure if it was delivered or not. Ultimately, it was delivered and waiting for us at bell services. They are quite accustomed to receiving these orders. So I would say it was “glitchy”, but ended up working out fine.