Amazon deliveries to POFQ

I’ve been told that resorts wont accept Amazon deliveries anymore? I wanted to confirm because that totally throws a wrench in our plans. Are there just new stipulations or is it a giant NO now? TIA!

Following because we were planning on having something very important shipped to our resort.

I haven’t heard any reports of this, following.

I’m staying at POFQ now and have received 2 Amazon Prime Now deliveries with no issues. Not sure about Amazon Prime or Amazon Pantry deliveries.


I can’t think of any reasons why Amazon Prime Now would be fine but Prime or Pantry wouldn’t be.

I just did an online chat with one of the reps at WDW to check on this. We’re staying at POR. This was her response:

“You can ship items to your resort. You can address them with [the] name of the main Guest on the reservation or the reservation number. The front desk will hold it until you arrive.”

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Wonderful! I had heard they were tired of it and inundated and they were only accepting garden grocery (is that right name?) because they got some compensation for it. I figured going Prime was best since the shipping is predictable.

I was just listening to the WDW Happy Place podcast, and they said that, evidently, Disney is now charging a $5.00 fee per package for anything that is shipped or delivered to guests from a non-Disney source, such as Amazon or Garden Grocer. The CM on the chat didn’t mention this, so I am not sure if it’s accurate or if they simply don’t tell people in advance. If it is true, it certainly would be nice to have a heads-up on it.

Yeah, that’s somewhat what I had heard, that they were trying to discourage it. I’ll just make sure Amazon sends it in one big box for $5 :stuck_out_tongue:

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