Amazingly Cheap Tickets! [EDIT - NOT!]

Saw a discussion on about a company with amazingly low ticket prices for Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld parks - The prices are so low that people are concerned it is a scam, for example a WDW 4-day Adult Park Hopper for $249 (official WDW price $377.01), but people are reporting that they have gotten their tickets without a problem.

I am offering no opinion as to the validity of the company/tickets. For the full discussion on the topic, go to

It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Sounds like Expedia broke some rules… Too bad I’m not going again anytime soon or I’d probably try it lol.

Yeah, smell’s fishier than Columbia Harbor House. Like to see either TP or Mousesavers look into it before I touch them with a 10 foot pole.


Things are looking on the up and up for these (well, at least them being valid tickets). They come through as Expedia or Travelocity vouchers. I called Disney ticket services. They said that Expedia/Orbitz/travelocity vouchers for Magic Your Way tickets are fully upgradable. The only ones that aren’t upgradable are ones that are convention tickets or “sports tickets.” They further confirmed that Expedia/Orbitz/travelocity vouchers are typically the unrestricted Magic Your Way.

Of course, the CM couldn’t confirm 100% without me having a ticket in hand to read her a # from, but there was no reason why these wouldn’t be upgradable to AP’s or otherwise just like typical Magic Your Way tickets.

Someone with a multi-year posting history on has posted that they worked for entry for him.

I suppose the final check on this is for someone to use it for admission and then stop by a ticket window to confirm that upgradability to AP or otherwise is an option and that credit is given for the full retail price of the ticket when upgrading.

My next trip isn’t until next Jan, but at this point, from what I’ve read and investigated, I’d feel comfortable buying them. I plan on doing so once my dates open up on these tickets (you have to specify the use dates when you buy them).

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The owner/operator of Pleasure Tickets chimed in on the MouseOwners thread to answer questions about the tickets More and more people are reporting that these tickets have worked for them, so this seems to be legit.

Based on what people are posting on chat, the issue may not be the tix working, but the potential credit card info/data mining. I’m not sure what to think.

I haven’t read the thread recently, but the folks that I saw who were complaining about CC issues were OTC customers. I’ll have to take another look.

Just caught up on the MouseOwners thread and saw this post - apparently there have been so many recent orders that they are temporarily suspending new orders until they make sure that they gave cleared their backlog. This must be legit - I have never heard of a scammer refusing people’s money! :wink:

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An abrupt “shut-down” could be for any number of varied reasons. Hmmmm… still not sure what to think.
Fly-by-night is also a possibility.

Pleasure Tickets has re-opened their website for new orders - They are also still very active on the MouseOwners Forum, and more people are reporting success with their tickets. If I had a trip in the works I would seriously consider buying from them, as the savings are substantial.

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And the Pleasure Tickets website is closed again. There has been a lot of rampant speculation on the MouseOwners thread as to the legitimacy of the tickets, with some people thinking that it may be some sort of money laundering operation. People have gotten valid tickets and have been able to successfully use them, but be very careful if you do decide to go this route (if they re-open).

Funny I was just catching up on that thread. Sounds like it was a get it while you can and now it’s over type of thing. Who knows the reasons behind it all…

This whole situation is getting more and more interesting. it appears that some people got tickets that worked fine, others did not get tickets but were issued, and others did not get tickets but got refunds from their credit card company. Now, one person has reported getting a ticket that initially worked and was linked to MDE which has subsequently disappeared because the ticket was cancelled and “refunded” to the original purchaser, but not the person who ultimately bought the ticket.

Moral of the story: we all know how much a ticket should cost and what a reputable discounter can sell them for, so if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Let’s be careful out there!