AM or PM FPP? And Why?

I am getting a really late start on figuring out our TPs and FPPs - big bummer! Our trip is planned for 11/26-12/3 - a time of year that we’ve never been. Our FPP window is opening in just a few days or so and I need to get moving on our plans!

We will be utilizing PH tickets so I am curious if it is better to book our FPPs in the AM at our 1st park or in the PM for use in the 2nd park?

TIA for your help :slight_smile:

For me that answer depends on the parks I am going to. I rarely FP EP, I always FP HS. I will split most parks on multiple day so if I plan AK/MK or MK/HS I will use my FPs at AK and HS. For me, it is about my “must do” attractions for that trip and making the best plans.


If I am going to rope drop a park that has a 9am start, I will usually book my first fast pass for 10:30 and plan to be at the attraction between 11:15 and 11:30. I then book my remaining two fast passes at 11:30 and 12:30. This has allowed me to book more fast passes once my initial three are complete. Last year at Magic Kingdom on New Year’s Day, my family used 9 fast passes! It was crazy! We were able to ride so many rides and had a fabulous time.


This… though in MK, I take it even further. I book my 1st FP+ for park open.

I didn’t think it was possible to get more than your first 3 FP+s during the Christmas-NYE week!

We had no trouble at all! We were there from December 28 - January 3 and were able to get at least two extra fast passes each day. They weren’t always for the most sought after rides, but they were for things that we were planning to do and it helped us to experience so many more rides and attractions than we thought possible. Flexibility is key!

I do not think AK will most likely have FPs during the holidays but it will be interesting to see. Many of those FPs were gone on my trip at day 60. Maybe the longer hours will help? I think you can always get some sort of FP at MK but if you do rope drop most likely your plan can accomplish more. Interesting discussion!

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