Am I ready for FPP day?

My FPP day is Tuesday, and even before the recent MDE issues, I was not sure if I was going to be able to successfully schedule everyone’s FPs for our group. There are ten of us traveling together, 7 adults, 2 3-10 y/o, 1 under 3. I can see everyone listed on my Family and Friends list on MDE, but when I look at our tickets I can only see 7 (missing one adult and one kid…under 3 gets no ticket I think?). We have packages and all the rooms and everything are linked so it’s not letting me re-link any tickets.
My question is, am I good to go for FPP as long as everyone is showing up as “traveling together” on MDE? Even if I can’t see their tickets listed? Or do I need to make a phone call to Disney?

Is the child that’s missing managed by the adult that’s missing, who has their own profile?

If so, check that both you and the other adult have checked the box “share plans”.

If I’m wrong, or right but that doesn’t work, then maybe a phone call would be a good idea. Unless someone else can think of what’s awry.

Nope actually it’s my daughter that’s missing and my sister in law. But I can see HER daughter :woman_shrugging:

Sounds like it could be the recent glitches in MDE at work. I would phone to make sure.

Looks like you’re right! Read the recommendation some folks gave about doing “incognito” browsing and sure enough, I could see everyone! I’ll just be sure to do that on Tuesday. Thanks! :grin: