Am I nuts? Planning Holiday Trip

Hi There! Love this community, and just looking for thoughts on our upcoming trip. I just recently purchased DVC and have scheduled our first DVC trip with points after Christmas, Dec 28-Jan 7. It will be the longest trip we’ve ever done. Staying Dec 28-Jan 2 at Grand Floridian and Jan 2-Jan 7 at Riviera. Traveling with DH, DD7 (will be almost 8 at trip time) and DD4. We’ve been to Disney 4 times as a family of 4, so the kids are familiar with it and know their favorites. I would not expect to actually be in a park the night of NYE. I know crowds will be wild. I am starting to worry that it was a mistake to plan for this stretch, but it is the best time with school and work calendars, and it was too late to get good rooms in early December with DVC. I have wanted to experience this stretch of time once at Disney, and I wonder if it’s at least a tiny bit better to do it while park reservations are still required this year. Just looking for thoughts from folks who have been to Disney during this time. Also curious if anyone has spent NYE at the Grand Floridian in recent years. I would plan to watch fireworks from Grand Floridian, probably the earlier showing? And try for dinner at Citricos if I can get it.


I think you will have a great time!

Some positives are that this time of year is best for your work schedule, you’ve been multiple times so you won’t feel like you have to do “everything”, you have a nice long trip so you can duck out of the parks when/if it becomes too much, and you are going into it with a flexible mindset!

We are going Dec 19-26 this year and I have had similar concerns as you but I am mostly excited because I’ve always wanted to spend a Christmas at Disney!


Is it going to be busy?? Absolutely!

Will you have fun! Absolutely!

You’ve bought into the timeshare, so you know you are going more often. You need to get out of the mind set of a casual WDW visitor going forward. You don’t have to “do it all” in one visit as you now have a 50 year contract to keep coming back!

Plan out the Christmas thigs you “must do” and then let the rest fall into place. If you don’t see everything, that’s OK!! You’ll be back before you know it!

If you go into the week with the mind frame of, “We are coming back at later when it will be less busy!” You’ll enjoy this trip because the crowds won’t matter in the long run!

Enjoy your time with your family!!


I also wanted to experience Disney at Christmas, and had to go very close to the same time you are based on schedules. What I found was that with judicious use of Genie+, RDing, and good touring plans, we still got to experience everything we wanted to.

Really things were great when we were on attractions - just a little more people-y than I generally like on the sidewalks… but the holiday decor, music, and just generally festive atmosphere all made that not a big deal.

You’ll have a wonderful trip!


The holiday decorations are amazing. I’ve only been there over Thanksgiving week so they might be even more amazing when you’re there.