Am I nuts or what?

so not asking for anyone to review my tps, cause I’m 60 and I will ride splash 100 times over space mountain. end of October me and DH
day 1

  1. check in and drop bags at BLT
  2. grab breakies at contempo
  3. mk 10 to 4
  4. BLT relax and cali grill or Poly for dinner
    day 2
  5. epcot 10 until 4
  6. BLT until 730
  7. mk hea and after dessert partayy
  8. emh until midnight
  9. walk home to blt
    day 3
  10. sleeeep
  11. boat to wl for lunch/dinner
  12. mnsshp 530 to midnight
  13. walk home to BLT
    day 4
  14. ak from 1130 to close…includes rol
    day 5
  15. mk 9 to 2
  16. BLT 300 to 500
  17. epcot 600 to close
    day 6
  18. ak 9 to 3
  19. BLT 4 to 6
  20. Raglan Road 730
  21. home at BLT by 1030
    day 7
  22. hs 9 to 4
  23. either homecoming at 7 or gondola to CBR sebastians and then BLT by 9 and hea from contempo bridge
    day 7
  24. cali grille brunch 10 to 12
  25. BLT 12 to 2
  26. hs or mk 3 to close

Happy to see Raglan Road in there! Looks like a fun trip!

it’s replaced our hoop dee doo as a must do every trip

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Looks like a lot of fun! My wife would think that schedule is nuts, but I don’t!

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yea… I can handle it, but DH may be cursing me by mid week. I may have to scale back

There have been times toward the end of our WDW trips where I would go back to the park in the afternoon alone while my wife stayed at the pool. I realize that doesn’t work for all couples, but it has worked for us when she is “theme park’ed out”.

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Your plan looks good. Day 6 seems a little long, as it’s your second AK day what about starting a little later and going straight from AK to DS?

was thinking that too. was going to rope drop navi that day, and get fop fpp both days. I have a feeling but hope I’m wrong that I might have issues with fop

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