Am I normal, or has Disney planning made me slightly insane?

So, we’re staying at the Grand Floridian arriving on May 5-12th from Toronto. The crew includes my parents, my 3 kids (DS 13, DS 9 and DD4), my hubby and me, currently known as crazy mom (you’ll see why below). The family has given me free reign to book whatever restaurants/rides I want for the week, so i’ve become more or less addicted to booking ADR’s, finding a better one, canceling them, and then rebooking the original one. I’m checking my Disney experience app waaayyy more then I care to admit, and promptly delete the dining confirmation/emails so I’m not reminded of how much time I am wasting.

Is anyone else like this? And to make things worse, today is my 60 day fast pass window, and I already spent two hours (or, maybe more) going through different fast pass options and moving everything around like a game of Tetris.

I knew I had a problem when my poor husband asked me to drop him off at the bus stop this morning due to a sore knee exactly at 7:am , and I almost responded with “what the f**k, this is my fast pass 60day window” but I quickly threw on my jacket and made it home in time. I even forgot to put on pants lol.

Please let me know that I am not the only one involved in obsessive Disney planning. I think I need help (lol)


You’re not the only one who does obsessive Disney planning.

@profmatt has a notorious problem. Case in Point:

And I’m better, though only somewhat.

Welcome to our asylum. :wink:


You’re not alone.


I’ve completely lost my mind since joining TP. Welcome to crazytown my friend.


Perfectly normal behaviour! :grin: And just think…you will have an amazing time due to your super planning, the hard work really pays off :+1:
:joy::joy::joy: nothing gets in the way of FP day! Hope you’ve got your pants on now! Did you get all you wanted?


Enjoy it, it’s fun, and there’s no reason to let your family/friends know how obsessed you are, that’s what the forum is for.


Yes, i did. The 30 seconds I saved by not finding and putting on my pants this morning allowed me to book all my avatar rides lol.


Oh yes, I’ve read some posts by Profmatt, isn’t he adverse to change?? Lol.


Totally. He never changes a thing. Ever. :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re not alone. Just make sure to enjoy the vacation, and try not to stab anyone if they dare question anything when you are there.

All of the planning ensures that you won’t be walking around wondering where to go next, so you can enjoy your time there, whether the other ppl in your party know it or not.


Thank you for this. I will gladly gloat to my kids when they saunter into Flight of passage like VIPS and May or may not remind them ‘do you know hard hard it was to get in here’ while they are filling their faces with the gray stuff for dessert at BOG.


Point out the standby line! Works for me every time. “Wow, mom! You’re the best!” HA!

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YES!! (although, I always do feel really bad for the peeps in the standby line…)

The new Liner motto should be “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”. We all (generally) plan excessively. That’s how we ended up here. It took me 3 weeks to choose which park I wanted to visit on each day. I’ve gone back and forth on BoG breakfast or lunch at least 3 dozen times. I’m pretty sure every ADR I made initially has been dropped or changed at least 3 times.

Oh, and that was AFTER we had to change our trip dates because I couldn’t take of work in May like I wanted to. It’s like I have a third job.


Wow, I am getting so much support, thankful to the universe for throwing us crazies (I mean, dedicated Disney planners) together. The worst part is that I am currently not working so This has become my job. It’s kinda sad, maybe I should be doing other so,etching more productive, like cuddling cats in an animal shelter :slight_smile:


I’ve been searching for FPS on days that I’m not visiting because my departure date is still 3 months away!

Welcome to the Liners’ Asylum. We are all crazy here.



THIS! lol

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In my opinion, the only weird thing in your post is that you agreed to give your DH a ride on your Fastpass day. Mine would have walked! :joy: (And I’m only half joking…!)

As for the booking/rebooking/rebooking again…Perfectly healthy, perfectly normal. We’re all mad here, right? :yum:


Me. I am doing this. Obsessed with our trip. I keep snagging ADR’s and then feeling bad about holding onto them and then cancelling them and then thinking that now I want to go there. It’s becoming a problem. Have you tried the reservation finder here on TP? I put in the time, place and date I wanted and they texted me when it was available! I was able to up my BOG ADR from 1 person (me!) to 3 people thanks to that app.
You are definitely not alone.