Am I Missing Something Here

I just don’t see how it would be tolerable to be a person on the lower level. Isn’t the seat of the upper person right in the face of the lower person??? At least too close. :open_mouth: Please correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t see myself wanting to fly this way. I also wonder how they would evacuate the plane quickly enough.


The lower seats look awful. Some stranger’s butt is at face level with the person sitting on the lower level. At least that is what is looks like to me.


There have been a lot of airplane seat concepts proposed over the years that were purported to revolutionize the airplane industry, none of which have come to fruition. This appears to be yet another one. Not to be taken seriously. Mostly the result of getting designers to think outside the box.


Plus it looks like those people are in some kind of neck restraint too.

No thanks!


I think those aren’t neck restraints. They are handles to help people get to and from their seat because you can’t stand upright.

I have a really hard time sleeping unless I am horizontal or close to it. I would love to see an option like the Japanese pod hotels. I wouldn’t even need that big. Maybe a better example might be a sleeping berth on a train. In the same space as three seats, they could put three sleeping berths. The top could be cheaper than the bottom.

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It would make more sense to make the upper row flat. I know plenty of people who just sleep the entire flight anyway. Also, who hasn’t thought about putting their kids in the overhead compartment for a nap. That is just me? Oops.


That cuts down the number of extra seats though. And really, why would they do that for economy class seats? If you want to sleep you can go first class and lie horizontal.

I’ve eyed the compartment for myself.