Am i just missing it or misunderstanding :)

So i was under the impression and had asked others if this was possible and told yes. Now ill say i still like TP if this isnt possible. So I have 3 FP lets say for MK on a Monday. 7DMT @9am BTMRR @10 Haunted mansion @11. I thought if i put those in, with the other attractions i wanted to ride, it would come back and say “um no no no youll be all over the place if you do that” better to have HM@9 BTMRR@10 and 7dmt@11. Is this what the minimum walking will do on the little slide bar? Or is there something else im missing.
Thank you

Definitely change the walking to minimize. But also, have you booked your actual FPP’s yet? If not, then remove the “scheduled” ones from your TP but leave in the 3 entitlement section. Then optimize the plan and it will organize all your steps and also recommend the best times and rides to get FPP’s for

Leave the walking/waiting slider at its default point. If you have entered everything correctly, when you click on Optimize it will make the best possible plan, which may or may not use your FPP reservations. If it does not use one or more of them, there will be a notice on the plan.

It will not tell you to change FPP reservations.
IF you put in all of your attractions but DON’T enter your existing FPP reservations, (but under the FPP section include that you have 3 FPP available), then make your plan, it will make suggestions for WHICH FPP to book at WHAT TIME.
Then book your FPP, enter them, and hit Optimize, and it will give you a newly optimized plan.